Triads and Tribulations

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Triads and Tribulations
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Toni Cipriani
Start location: Saint Marks
Reward: $30,000

Triads and Tribulations is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III that continues the gang war between the Leones and the Liberty City Triads.

Claude goes to the Restaurante looking for work and finds it - the task of getting rid of three Triads warlords. However, Claude isn't going in this alone - Toni already has some Leone goons backing him up.

The first warlord is watching over Chinatown, backed up with several Triads. Claude and his back-up run into the fenced off area and kill all of the Triads in there, along with the warlord.

The second warlord is sulking over by a conveniance store, seemingly alone. However, when he spots Claude, a horde of Triads run from all around. Claude and his back-up make quick work of the second warlord despite the unfair advantage.

The third warlord is watching over the Triad Fish Factory with other Triads guarding it. The player has the option of sneaking in with a fish van and running over the warlord, tossing a grenade over the factory walls, and more. When all the three warlords are killed, Claude receives his money and access to Toni's last mission.

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