Triathlon (TBOGT)

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Triathlons are multi-leg, multi-vehicle races introduced to Luis in This Ain't Checkers in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Triathlons are marked on the map by a checkered flag. The player cannot be in any vehicle when entering the event. The player will be immediately airlifted into the sky and given a parachute, and subsequently fall to the ground. Boats will be waiting in the sea or river below, and the racers will attempt to land in them. The boats are raced to a beach on the island, where there are supercars loaded with tanks of nitrous oxide waiting. The cars are then raced to the finish line.


  • Outstanding wanted levels will be erased at the start of the race.
  • Each race has three opponents. They all jump out of your airlift before you.
  • Players can use any of the vehicles prepared for them, but once one is selected, you cannot switch it for another prepared vehicle or traffic vehicle.
  • Players have 10 seconds to return to their vehicle, should they leave it before the finish line or the vehicle switch point.
  • Players may sabotage other vehicles (popping tires, denting in wheels, so on), but are impossible to explode.
  • Players will be disqualified if they kill the other racers.


First prize grants the player $1,000. The game will also be saved and the player will be shown their time to completion. Triathlons can be repeated endlessly.