Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out

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Name Turn on, tune in, bug out
Mission boss Lance Vance
Start location Lance Vance's hideout, Ocean Beach
Reward 300 Dollar


Your first stop is Ammu-Nation where you get yourself the rocket launcher, Lance will pay for it. Your second stop are the Vice City Police Headquarters in Washington Beach. To reach the antenna, go upstairs at the south side of the building. You destroy the aerial with the recently purchased rocket launcher, or with granates which serve the same purpose. Be careful: On the rooftop are two policemen you should kill beforehand so you can get unhindered into the Police Maverick which you are going to use for your further trip (so take care of the helicopter that you don't destroy it). After this destruction act you've got by the way four wanted levels, so try to shoot down other police choppers if they are far away enough from you. The next police station you have to "edit" is located in Little Havana. Park with your heli directly between the two antennas so you can shoot around without problems, and without the risc you hit your aircraft. Next up on the agenda is the police station in Downtown but you land on the building north of the Greasy Chopper Bar from where you can launch your last two rockets without any problems (be aware of the VCPD choppers and the SWAT units near the helipad). When both of them are history, get rid of your wanted level. North of your position is a bribe in the alley of the police, a second one is located between the two wings of the Shady Moist Hotel construction site. Another method is you try to reach the Pay'n'Spray south of your location in Little Haiti (it's marked on the map).

Mission Failing

The mission is failed when the evidence bar has filled.

Followed by

Reni Wassulmaier's

The Colonel's Coke

Armando and Diego Mendez's

-> Unfriendly Competition

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