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UFO myth appeared quite early in the game and though it is not so popular at the moment, there still are people looking for it.

It is believed that the myth originated when the restricted zone was discovered. The only mission which involves entering Area 69 involves the player to invade the place, find and steal secret project - Jetpack. The suden appearance of CJ in a secured place causes havoc and confusion; the internal radio is heard warning staff (not exact quotation):

- Would the personnel working with the alien's body put it away.

The Inn's interior

This line made some people believe that there is indeed alien presence in GTA. However, there is no evidence of any aliens or flying saucers in the game. The only known UFO is the one spinning near the Area 69 where the Lil' Probe Inn is located.

The map from the Lil' Probe Inn and Toreno's ranch

That Inn has started multiple specualtions about possibles places where UFO can be seen - if you go down the back behind the couter you will see a small room with radio transmitter, computer and a map on the wall with 11 dots on it. Four dots are believed to be the pins, while other seven look like they are marks on the map. The same map is located at the Toreno's ranch which made people believe that he is somehow connected with the aliens. Nothing suspicious has been found regarding the map. It is believed that it is there only for decorative purposes and to create the athmosphere. There are some pictures on the walls in the bar itself - some of the feature San Andreas locations with UFO seen on the sky, while other are real-life picture (e.g. one has got Orthodox church domes on it - it suggests that the picture was taken in real-life city of Moscow).

WCTR radio station mentiones that residents of the Bone County have reported seeing lights over the desert. According to WCTR, the goverment blames water supplies.

Truth, the hippy, CJ meets later in the game, also speaks about "Them... Who can't control our minds" and "Snake-headed aliens who run oil business". As oil refenery is located near Area 69 it believed that there is more chances to see the UFO over the desert rather than anywhere else in the game.

On of the missions CJ does for Toreno involves entering the cargo plane Andromada, killing the crew and destroying it. As you do it, you notice that crew (people dressed in black as some aliens did in the Men In Black film) refer to the player as "Carbon based buffoon...evolved from shrews". These phrases are the only clue that made some people believe that they are aliens from the galaxy of Andromeda.

Mr Hat (left) and Mr Trenchcoat (right)

Mr Hat and Mr Trenchcoat are the pedestrians that appear in the game. We never get to know their "real" names, and that is why we have to use the nicknames. Mr Hat wears an eye-patch, a baseball cap, jeans and a blue shirt, while Mr Trenchcoat wears black cowboys hat, black trenchcoat, black boots and stars-and-stripes tie. They are related to the aliens issue in some way. For example, most of the times they spawn near Big Ear, the geyser, in the Lil' Probe Inn - anywhere near the Fort Carson area. Some people claim that they have seen Mr Trenchcoat chasing and talking to people asking them to join. It hasn't been proven that he does that, but a list of phrases that he uses often suggest that he was abducted by aliens at some point of his life:

- They are watching us!

- They know

- You know they know

- Get away from me!

- He's one of them!

- You're not gonna probe me again

- You green blooded monster

Mr Hat however doesn't say anything strange, but it was claimed many times that when killed, he spawns again almost immediately after the player has turned away. He is often seen speaking to Mr Trenchcoat. It was claimed (but doesn't hve a solid proof) that Sandking truck which can be found under Big Ear belongs to Mr Trenchcoat. If the truck is parked there it is really easy to find Mr Trenchcoat, but if the truck isn't there then it looks like if its owner has gone somewhere else.

Big Ear, which some people believe was built by the military forces to control the sky in case aliens invade, points exactly North. There were suggestions about it, but no clear conclusion has been made.

There is no proof of UFOs existence in the game, apart from some clues such as radio conversations, game scripts and pedestrian talks.

UFO proof

Screen capture from the video

Nevertheless, there is another object, which can as well be placed by Rockstar themselves. It looks like an old hand-grenade and has a small exhaust fumes tail behind it; it moves very fast and it is impossible to trace where it came from or where it has landed. Few people have claimed they have seen it, as well as one of the authors of this article - once in Aldea Malvada and second time in Red County, flying toward the desert. There are no suggestions on what it could possibly be, neither there is anything that can somehow relate to it (at least, up to now). The search is still going on, although many people are not familiar with it. Following is the link to the video featuring one of those flying objects.

There is also a bad quality set of screencaps featuring another appearance of that object, which can be seen here:

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