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The following is a walkthrough of the Under the Gun mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The mission starts with a cutscene, in which Wu Lee asks you to get some weapons training. Go to the back of the building to meet the master-at-arms. Once you're there, you will find out that the master-at-arms is Ling Shan. Next, you need to punch the training dummy, in multiple ways, as explained on the screen. Once the first dummy is destroyed, you will need to pick up a weapon and shoot the other dummy. Once you've destroyed the second dummy, Kenny will tell you that some street punks are attacking one of his restaurants. And he asks you to teach them the ignorance of their ways. Ling will take back her gun and will let you search a dumpster to find another gun. When you've found the gun, go to the restaurant. When you've arrived, one of the street punks will fatally shoot Ling. Now, take out the thugs behind the restaurant and rescue the manager on the roof. Once you've done that, the mission is finished and you will be awarded $50.