Unique Vehicles in The Ballad of Gay Tony

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Like the main game Grand Theft Auto IV, unique vehicles also exist in The Ballad of Gay Tony. This list also includes special vehicles.



A special dark Banshee with lime green stripes can sometimes be found during a Drug Wars mission.


A blue comet with luster effect can sometimes be found in the Drug Wars sidemissions.


Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas drives a black Cavalcade with black rims, and Armando sells the player weapons out of the trunk of this vehicle. This car is easily obtainable, as it is most often left in the street after the Drug Wars missions with Armando and Henrique.

Super GT

A blue Super GT with an luster effect can be seen during a Drug Wars Convoy.


A blue Primo V8 Supercharged with luster effect can be seen during A Drug Wars Mission.



Johnny's Hexer Appears in the mission "Not So Fast". To acquire it, call a firetruck and then push it to a nearby safehouse.