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United Liberty Paper, U.L. Paper, or simply U.L.P.C. (C. for Company) is a cover for a government-related organization in Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko's contact within this organization is also referred to as "U.L. Paper".

The contact.


U.L. Paper has a huge amount of influence and authority in Liberty City. Almost no information is given through in-game content other than they aren't the FIB. Niko's contact within the organisation says, "It's hard to tell who the good guys are. I'm not a good guy, but I work with the good guys," possibly suggesting that the organization is an unofficial government organization that does the dirty work for the government. The organization offers several missions related to stopping 'terrorist' activity. Niko is black-mailed into working for the organization after discovering his girlfriend Michelle is actually Karen, who is in a similar predicament.

In the game's files, his missions are titled "CIA", short for Central Intelligence Agency. Further evidence of his CIA relationship is noted by the several framed documents on his office walls, most of which carry the seal of the CIA.


Niko's contact, only referred to as "U.L. Paper" throughout the game, is a middle-aged man with spectacles who proclaims to have had a military career prior to his employment in the UL Paper organization. It is suggested that officially he died in the last days of Vietnam. It's revealed in the cutscene of the first mission for the organisation that the contact speaks Serbian, the language of Niko's homeland. He says to Niko that America is "just like the old country", to which Niko replies "Just like it." After Niko finds Florian Cravic, his contact reveals to him that he should actually be hunting for Darko Brevic, who ultimately gets delivered to him by U.L. Paper.