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Upstate Liberty is the northernmost part of Liberty City in GTA III, and GTA Liberty City Stories. The district lays behind Shoreside Vale. Upstate may not be the actual name of it, but is suggested in GTA LCS.


Lying behind Shoreside Vale all there is is water, and a gaping entrance into blue hell. There is also a small city block situated behind the massif. Most of the hills itself is not solid. The way to distinguish this is, if the grass is blurred it's not solid. And if it isn't it is solid. Or anything underneath the observatory is solid, and everything above or at the same level isn't. Also up on the hills at the base of the observatory there are telephone poles that don't exist anywhere in the city. At the very north end is where the edge of the "gameworld" is. This can be spotted as the light blue area behind the water (colors can change with time and weather). But there is also atmosphere in this area, as well as the in-game sun. If the player goes to the east or west the game will "bounce" them back. Entering the names Aaronsville, and Garystown will crash the game. In the PS2, and Xbox versions the game will freeze but the radio will still work. And in the PC version the game will immediately be closed. Also if the player approaches Upstate from the Portland side, and flies into the north-eastern hill mass their vehicle will disappear and reappear after a few seconds.

Road Tunnels

Grand Theft Auto III

At the edge of Cedar Grove, and the Cochrane Dam there are two road tunnels, blocked off for no apparent reason. It should be noted that the small blockades, and signs aren't the barrier, but what is is an invisible wall. The only solid part is the small path in front of the pile of rubble. In-game it would appear as if these are under construction, as mounds of dirt, and construction signs are visible. The tunnels appear to be at least twenty feet in length before they come to a stop. Past this wall there is nothing, however the tunnels still appear on the radar going all the way to the edge of Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

The tunnel returns in GTA LCS but this time it is accessible. The two tunnels connect in the center where the Upstate name can be seen on a sign. There is also another blockade planted here. The other side of this tunnels appears to go uphill. This too is not solid. The edge of the gameworld is not present here but the blue hell entrances are.

Reasons for it not being this are that Upstate may be another part of Liberty City that is never shown. The location of it may just be a coincidence since it is a hidden interiors like those of San Andreas, Rockstar needed a place to hide it. The tunnel in GTA III may have been placed there without knowledge of suspected means of reaching the area. But since Rockstar Games may have found out about it by 2005 (the release date of GTA Liberty City Stories) with the modifications and the findings of it they made the tunnel accessible as an answer to the location.

Radar Text

Close to the edge of Liberty City there are several names that can be seen on the radar: Chris's Town, Gary's Town, Adamton, Obbeburgh, Woodcunty, Les County, and Aaronsville, all of which were named after some of the programmers. To see these names the player would have to learn how to fly the Dodo and fly it behind the Shoreside Vale hills. These names may have been placed here just as easter eggs (which could be the purpose of the Dodo), or they may could be names for a part of the city that was never used. However, if the player goes too far north, they will cross the game's boundaries which are set at the name Aaronsville, and Gary's Town names and it will cause the game to freeze.[1]


  1. ; "Outer" water areas (just at the borders of gameworld) - don't touch!: - Obtained from the Water.DAT file of GTA III