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This page contains quizzes for GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories.

Difficulty Level:



Quiz 1

1. How does Toni Cipriani arrive in Liberty City at the beginning of the game?

a. Plane
b. Boat
c. Limousine
d. Coach
e. Infernus

2. Who is the Don of the Leone mafia?

a. Toni Cipriani
b. Salvatore Leone
c. 8-Ball
d. Vincenzo Cilli
e. Franco Forelli

3. What two vehicles are always parked at Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club?

a. Infernus and PCJ-600
b. PCJ-600 and Forelli Excess
c. Forelli Excess and Infernus
d. Leone Sentinel and PCJ-600
e. Leone Sentinel and Infernus

4. In the mission 'Hot Wheels' for Vincenzo, who does Toni find Vinnie with in his office?

a. Toni's mother
b. Salvatore
c. A prostitute
d. JD O'Toole
e. Jane Hopper

5. What outfit is awarded for completing a stunt jump?

a. Overalls
b. The King
c. Cox mascot
d. Tuxedo
e. Underwear

6. What is the icon for Toni's safehouse on the map?

b. Casette
c. Floppy disk
d. Nothing
e. Spray can

7. What level in the 'Car Salesman' side mission does snow start to appear?

a. 7
b. 3
c. 9
d. 1
e. 6

8. What rare vehicle is a reward for the completion of the side mission 'Bumps n Grinds'?

a. Vortex
b. Faggio
c. Infernus
d. Forklift
e. Manchez