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Carl "CJ" Johnson is possibly the youngest player of the Grand Theft Auto games, at age 11. He has all the titles for the PS2. He used to have GTA and GTA2 on his computer, having downloaded them for free off of Rockstar's official site, but they didn't work, and he ended up deleting them. He is into technology, doesn't get out a lot, uses Bryce 5, and watches 24 and 6Teen. He used to watch The Boondocks but his parents didn't like the show. When he's not doing all that he's of course playing our favorite Game Series, GTA. San Andreas is, in his opinion, so far the best GTA game. He has cheated at least once in every GTA game he's played (except GTA2, because it would freeze if you didn't enter the cheat in less than 1 second).