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Games Group This user is a participant in the Games Group on Grand Theft Wiki, and is dedicating in keeping the main Grand Theft Auto game articles detailed, relevant and accurate. The games are listed in Category:Games.

My name is Chris82. I am thirteen years old and live in Akron, Ohio, USA.

I contribute to GTW. I create/modify articles, I look for mistakes, and try to generally improve this great knowledge base.


  • Name: Chris
  • Age: 13
  • Location: Ohio, USA
  • Occupation: Student, modder (GTA games and Half-Life 2 games) and an admin at various websites/servers
  • Favorite GTA: San Andreas 1.0 for PC
  • Favorite Mission: Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
  • Favorite Vehicle: Shamal (Private jet)
  • Favourite Modification: My skateboard mod :D

About me and what I do

I am a student at a middle school in Akron, Ohio. I usually have a 4.0 GPA all year and I hate school. I love to play video games and modify them, though.

For Grand Theft Auto games, I can texture, code (both major files like main.scm and minor files like weapons.dat), map, and I am learning to model. For Half-Life 2-based games I can texture, map, and I am learning to model. I have made several San Andreas mods available on [The GTA Place] and I am going to release my first Counter-Strike: Source mod (a map) soon.

TV shows I like include Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, Robot Chicken, The Simpsons, ATHF, The Soup, Best Week Ever, Call for Help, and MADtv. Movies I like include Austin Powers: Goldmember, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Wedding Crashers, and the Scary Movie series. I like most forms of rock, old-skool rap, and house music. My favorite video games are the Grand Theft Auto series, the Half-Life/Counter-Strike series, the Halo series, the Sims 2 series, the Midnight Club series, Battlefield 2, Far Cry, and War Rock.

My computer is an hp a522n with an Intel 2.6GHz Pentium 4 processor, 1GB of DDR-RAM, and an nVidia GeForce FX 5500 graphics card. The PC I am going to build will include an overclocked AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego @ 2.4GHz, 2-4 GB of DDR-RAM, and an ATi Radeon x1800 PCI-Express graphics card. (or an nVidia GeForce 7800GT PCI-Express)

Todo.png To-do list for User:Chris82: edit · history · watch · refresh
  • Create San Andreas Multiplayer and Grandtheftendo pages
  • Complete Hot Coffee page
  • Create and maintain pages including information about modding, popular modifications, all GTA games, and ohter articles
  • Maintain a balance of image size/quality on GTW