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GTA III Universe

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Logo Radio Station Hosts Main Style Genres Notes
Playback FM Forth Right MC East Coast Hip Hop East Coast Hip Hop, Golden Age Hip Hop, New School Hip Hop, Rap Music
K Rose Mary-Beth Maybell Country Country
But also: Country Pop, Country Rock
K-DST Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith Classic Rock Blues-Rock, Hard Rock, Rock, Soul
But also: Folk Rock, Synthpop
Bounce FM The Funktipus Funk Contemporary R&B, Electro, Funk, P-Funk, Post-Disco, Soul
But also: Jazz
SF-UR Hans Oberlander House Acid House, Chicago House
Radio Los Santos Julio G West Coast Hip Hop G-Funk, Gangsta Rap, Golden Age Hip Hop, Rap Music, West Coast Hip Hop
Radio X Sage Alternative Rock Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock
But also: Acid House, Madchester, Synthpop
CSR 103.9 Phillip "PM" Michaels New Jack Swing Contemporary R&B, New Jack Swing
K-Jah West Johnny Lawton
Marshall Peters
Reggae Dancehall, Dub, Reggae
Master Sounds 98.3 Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson Rare Groove Funk, R&B, Soul
But also: Jazz
WCTR programme-specific Talk Radio Interviews, News, Talk Shows
User Track Player none Custom Custom PC & Mac versions only