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Idea 1

GTA III Universe

Grand Theft Auto III

Logo Radio Station Hosts Main Style Genres
Head Radio Michael Hunt Soft Rock Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock, Synthpop
But also: Electro
Double Clef FM Morgan Merryweather Classical Aria, Opera
K-Jah Horace "The Pacifist" Walsh Reggae Dub, Reggae
Rise FM Andre the Accelerator Trance Electronic Dance, Techno, Trance
Lips 106 Andee Retro Synthpop
But also: Funk, Hip Hop (Rap Music)
Game FM Lord Sear
Stretch Armstrong
Hip Hop Hip Hop (Rap Music)
But also: Instrumental Hip Hop
MSX FM MC Codebreaker Drum and Bass Drum and Bass, Electronic Dance
Flashback 95.6 Toni Oldies Pop New Wave, Post-Disco, Synthpop
Chatterbox FM Lazlow Talk Radio Interviews
MP3 Player
PC & Mac versions only
none User-Defined User-Defined

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Logo Radio Station Hosts Main Style Genres
Wildstyle Mr. Magic Electro & Hip Hop Electro, Funk, Instrumental Hip Hop, New School Hip Hop, Old School Hip Hop, Rap Music
But also: Dirty Rap, Go-Go, Miami Bass
Flash FM Toni Pop Rock Dance, New Wave, Pop Rock, Rock, Synthpop
But also: Hard Rock
K-Chat Amy Sheckenhausen Talk Radio Interviews
Fever 105 Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Post-Disco Contemporary R&B, Dance, Funk, Post-Disco
But also: Disco, Soul
V-Rock Lazlow Heavy Metal Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Trash Metal
But also: New Wave
VCPR Jonathan Freeloader
Michelle Montanius
Talk Radio Talk Shows
Radio Espantoso Pepe Latin Jazz Latin Jazz, Salsa
But also: Afro-Cuban Jazz
Emotion 98.3 Fernando Martinez Power Ballad Art Rock, Power Ballad, Rock
But also: Contemporary R&B, Synthpop
Wave 103 Adam First New Wave New Wave, Pop-Rock, Post-Punk, Synthpop
But also: Dance, Glam Rock
MP3 Player
PC & Mac versions only
none User-Defined User-Defined

Grand Theft Auto Advance

Radio Station Hosts Main Style Genres
"Computer Lust" none Oldies Pop Dance, Dance-Pop
"Flymutha" none Drum and Bass Electronic Dance, Drum and Bass
"How It's Done" none Hip Hop Hip Hop (Rap Music)
"South Park" none Electronic Electronic Dance

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Logo Radio Station Hosts Main Style Genres
Playback FM Playback FM Forth Right MC East Coast Hip Hop East Coast Hip Hop, Golden Age Hip Hop, Rap Music
K Rose K Rose Mary-Beth Maybell Country Country
But also: Country Pop, Country Rock
K-DST K-DST Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith Classic Rock Blues-Rock, Hard Rock, Rock, Soul
But also: Folk Rock, Synthpop
Bounce FM Bounce FM The Funktipus Funk Contemporary R&B, Electro, Funk, P-Funk, Post-Disco, Soul
But also: Jazz
SF-UR SF-UR Hans Oberlander House Acid House, Chicago House, Electronic Dance
Radio Los Santos Radio Los Santos Julio G West Coast Hip Hop G-Funk, Gangsta Rap, Golden Age Hip Hop, Rap Music, West Coast Hip Hop
Radio X Radio X Sage Alternative Rock Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock
But also: Acid House, Madchester, Synthpop
CSR 103.9 CSR 103.9 Phillip "PM" Michaels New Jack Swing Contemporary R&B, New Jack Swing
K-Jah West K-Jah West Johnny Lawton
Marshall Peters
Reggae Dancehall, Dub, Reggae
Master Sounds 98.3 Master Sounds 98.3 Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson Rare Groove Funk, R&B, Soul
But also: Jazz
WCTR WCTR programme-specific Talk Radio Interviews, News, Talk Shows
User Track Player User Track Player
PC & Mac versions only
none User-Defined User-Defined

Idea 2

GTA III Universe