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This page contains quizzes for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.



GTA Vice City

Quiz 1

1. During the mission No Escape?, what type of vehicle spawns outside the police station after busting Cam Jones out of his cell?

a. Infernus
b. Cheetah
c. Admiral
d. Sentinel
e. Esperanto

2. During the mission Phnom Penh '86, what type of weapon are you given after exiting the helicopter?

a. Ruger
b. Rocket Launcher
c. M60
d. M4
e. Uzi SMG

3. What weapon are you given at the beginning of the mission The Job?

a. Ruger
b. Colt Python
c. Machete
d. Combat shotgun
e. M4

4. What car is Tommy driving during the mission The Driver?

a. Sentinel
b. Sentinel XS
c. Cheetah
d. Sabre Turbo
e. Sabre

5. Who voiced porn film director Steve Scott?

a. Dennis Quaid
b. Dennis Hopper
c. Randy Quaid
d. Denis Leary
e. Randy Newman

6. Who voiced Delores, the sassy Kaufman Cabs manager?

a. Belinda Carlisle
b. Deborah Harry
c. Madonna
d. Annie Lennox
e. Cyndi Lauper

7. On which radio station can you hear Romeo Void's Never Say Never?

a. Flash FM
b. V-Rock
c. Fever 105
d. Wildstyle
e. Wave 103

8. At how many garages in Vice City can you re-spray your vehicle?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
e. 6

9. What are the names of the 3 hardware stores in Vice City?

a. I Saw My Wood, Screw This, Tooled Up
b. Screw This, Tooled Up, Pipe Dreams
c. Drill My Bit, Bunch of Tools, I Saw My Wood
d. Tooled Up, Bunch of Tools, Screw This
e. Pipe Dreams, Tooled Up, Drill My Bit

10. What weapon is Tommy always holding at the end of the mission Keep Your Friends Close...?

a. Ruger
b. M4
c. M60
d. Uzi SMG
e. Shotgun

Quiz 2

1. During the mission Trojan Voodoo, what does the woman do in response to Umberto Robina's humping gesture inside the café?

a. She slaps him
b. She throws coffee in his face
c. She throws coffee on his crotch
d. She kicks him in the crotch
e. She throws water on his crotch

2. What two boats are available at the Vice City docks for performing the mission Checkpoint Charlie?

a. Speeder & Jetmax
b. Speeder & Squalo
c. Squalo & Jetmax
d. Predator & Squalo
e. Speeder & Predator

3. During the mission Cop Land, what part of the police uniform does Tommy complain about being too tight?

a. The chest
b. The ass
c. The crotch
d. The waist
e. The shoes

4. What weapon is Lance using during the mission Keep Your Friends Close...?

a. Uzi SMG
b. M4
c. Shotgun
d. Ruger
e. Micro SMG

5. What color is Ken Rosenberg's car at the beginning of the game?

a. Green
b. Blue
c. Red
d. Yellow
e. White

6. What color is Auntie Poulet's dress?

a. Grey
b. Black
c. Blue
d. Purple
e. Brown

7. Where does the raised concrete divider begin when traveling south from Downtown on the main drag on the main island?

a. Pay N' Spray in Little Haiti
b. Road leading to Print Works in Little Havana
c. Road leading to Leaf Links (bridge)
d. Cherry Poppers
e. Police Station in Little Havana

8. Where is the destination icon for the "Docks at Viceport" drop-off during taxi missions on the main island?

a. Between the trailers behind the center building separating the two roads at the split
b. Next to the docked container ship
c. Next to the wooden dock to the north of the container ship
d. At the north end of the center building separating the two roads at the split
e. At the docks

9. During the mission Mall Shootout, which way does the courier flee?

a. North toward Ken Rosenberg's office
b. West toward Little Havana
c. East toward Ocean Drive
d. South toward Rafael's and Ammunation

10. During which mission do you end up on the roof of Cherry Poppers?

a. Shakedown
b. Messing with the Man
c. Loose Ends
d. Dirty Lickin's
e. Hit the Courier

GTA San Andreas

Quiz 1

1. What time does the sun rise in San Andreas?

a. 4:30
b. 5:00
c. 5:30
d. 6:00
e. 6:30

2. What is Green Palms?

a. Resort Hotel
b. Oil Refinery
c. Golf Course
d. Casino
e. Motel

3. How many Shamals spawn at Easter Basin International Airport?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4

4. Where in San Fierro is Zero's shop (Zero RC) located?

a. Hashbury
b. King's
c. Garcia
d. Doherty
e. Queens

5. Which of the following vehicles does not spawn in a specific location only when on the wanted list at Easter Basin Docks?

a. Infernus
b. Stretch
c. Stafford
d. Blista Compact
e. Slamvan

6. Where is Beacon Hill?

a. Red County
b. Whetstone
c. Flint County
d. Bone County
e. Tierra Robada

7. Which of the following bridges is the shortest?

a. Whetstone Bridge
b. Oram Bridge
c. Fallow Bridge
d. Martin Bridge
e. Frederick Bridge

8. How much does the Santa Maria Beach Safehouse cost?

a. $10,000
b. $15,000
c. $25,000
d. $30,000
e. $40,000

9. What is San Andreas' smallest named, functioning community?

a. El Quebrados
b. Las Payasadas
c. Fort Carson
d. Las Barrancas
e. Valle Ocultado

10. How tall is Mount Chiliad?

a. 600m
b. 700m
c. 800m
d. 900m
e. 1000m

Quiz 2

1. Which of the following is not a 2-door?

a. Elegy
b. Sultan
c. Jester
d. Cadrona
e. Uranus

2. Which of the following vehicles is front-wheel-drive (FWD)?

a. Premier
b. Esperanto
c. Sunrise
d. Sultan
e. Blista Compact

3. Fill in the missing portion of the quote from the mission Black Project: "Get the _______ _______ on the line!!!"

a. General Foods
b. General Mills
c. General Electric
d. General Eisenhower
e. General Discomfort

4. What is the name of the manager of the RS Haul depot in Flint County (location of trucking missions)?

a. Mr. Johnston
b. Mr. Stevenson
c. Mr. Whittaker
d. Mr. Anderson
e. Mr. McMurray

5. How many boats are you required to destroy during the mission Vertical Bird?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
e. 6

6. Which of the following towns does not possess a safehouse?

a. Dillimore
b. Angel Pine
c. Palomino Creek
d. Montgomery
e. Fort Carson

7. Which of the following bridges was modeled after the Firth of Forth Road Bridge outside Edinburgh, Scotland?

a. Fallow Bridge
b. Garver Bridge
c. Gant Bridge
d. Whetstone Bridge
e. Martin Bridge

8. What can be found underneath the freeway overpass over the dry riverbed immediately south of the cul-de-sac containing the Johnson House?

a. Uzi SMG
b. Body armor
c. Gang tag
d. 9mm
e. Nothing

9. What is the maximum speed (in the forward direction) of a Brown Streak locomotive before it begins to shake?

a. 45
b. 46
c. 47
d. 48
e. 49

10. Which aircraft carries a mounted weapon usable by the player?

a. Maverick
b. Police Maverick
c. Sparrow
d. Seasparrow
e. Skimmer