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This page contains quizzes for GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.



GTA Vice City

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

GTA San Andreas

Quiz 1

1. How many pillars (supports) are there in the opening on the side of Easter Tunnel?

a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7
e. 8

2. Which of the following neighborhoods in San Fierro contains 3 cane spawns?

a. Garcia
b. Downtown
c. Calton Heights
d. Ocean Flats
e. Hashbury

3. Outside of which of the following towns is Hanky Panky Point?

a. Dillimore
b. Fort Carson
c. Montgomery
d. Blueberry
e. Palomino Creek

4. During the mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair, what does The Truth tell everyone to think of while waiting for the van at San Fierro Medical Center?

a. A pink golf ball
b. A pink elephant
c. A yellow rubber duck
d. A yellow rubber ball
e. Nothing

5. What is the maximum amount of money Carl Johnson can possess?

a. $9,999,999
b. $10,000,000
c. $99,999,999
d. $100,000,000
e. $999,999,999
f. $1,000,000,000
g. Infinite

6. How much does it cost to import the Supert GT from the Easter Basin Docks?

a. $78,000
b. $80,000
c. $82,000
d. $84,000
e. $86,000

7. How much money do drug dealers in Los Santos carry?

a. $1,500
b. $2,000
c. $2,500
d. $3,000
e. $4,000

8. Where is the easter egg saying "There is no easter egg here. Go away."?

a. Big Pointy Building
b. Los Santos City Hall
c. Gant Bridge
d. The Big Ear
e. Area 69

9. Which of the following safehouses contains 2 levels?

a. Calton Heights Safehouse
b. Paradiso Safehouse
c. Santa Maria Beach Safehouse
d. Prickle Pine Safehouse
e. Mulholland Safehouse

10. Where is Tuff Nut Donuts?

a. Los Santos
b. San Fierro
c. Las Venturas
d. Angel Pine
e. Fort Carson

Quiz 2