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==My GTA games review==
*[[Grand Theft Auto III]] (PC)
I'm mainly here to edit articles that interest me or these I have knowledge on. Most of my edits are related to [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].
:Here is the first GTA game in 3D, a complete classic. A great protagonist, [[Claude]], and he didn't say a single word.
::'''Storyline:''' I kinda like it, cares for nobody but only REVENGE. But disappointing how so very few characters survived in the end, with half the others all being killed randomly throughout.
::'''Gameplay:''' It had a good gameplay, but I was already used to it and I haven't played any of the top-down GTA's or IV.
::'''Characters:''' The characters were all classy, not so good after all that most of them died. But after all Donald Love was the only one I truly wanted dead once I played Liberty City Stories.
::'''Soundtrack:''' Rockstar pulled off a great job and the soundtrack was a big thumbs-up. Didn't appeal to me for the most but most of the radio stations were all good, only one I didn't like was Double Cleff FM.
::'''How could it be better?:''' Things I missed in the game or wanted to change includes - flyable choppers, bikes, better car physic, more weapons, change of outfits, swimming, brighter graphics and city and of course Claude being able to speak.
*[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] (PC)
:Here is the second GTA with a lot of improvements and new things. Also a great 80's game even though for me it felt kinda modern time when cruising around.
::'''Storyline:''' A great storyline and good side-missions, Tommy rises to power and ends up owning the city. But it feels kinda dull once you complete the storyline. Also the fact your free to choose which sets of missions you want to do was good (assets).
::'''Gameplay:''' The same things appeals for all the games, but here it had some improvements compared to GTA3.
::'''Characters:''' Here I'm kinda disappointed for some reason, half the characters were quite down the drown. I only liked Lance, Tommy and Diaz, but that's about it the rest of the characters were either annoying, boring or dumb.
::'''Soundtrack:''' This one had a kinda weak soundtrack, while it matched it's timeline - it just doesn't appeal to me.
::'''How could it be better?:''' I didn't feel the music that much, but it was OK, since my type wasn't born back then. Also it didn't really make me feel the 80's when playing it, maybe the graphics looked kinda 'modern time-ish' but I just didn't think the weather really looked like a typical 80's-Miami. Swimming could have been good for this gig, as well as better gangs.
*[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] (PC)
:This game right here is my favorite GTA out of all the games I've played. It took me straight to the hood and had a great 90's feel to it with the amazing rap music they put. All I needed really!
::'''Storyline:''' I really liked the storyline, many people criticize it because it's plot changed so much but I liked that, rather than sticking to one dumb thing let's do some more stuff, my favorite part was definitely the beginning around Los Santos. But something didn't feel right when your in the countryside, maybe because it was so boring to lose all the firepower and then get in a boring land.
::'''Gameplay:''' Hands down, best gameplay. A lot of amazing features like customization to your character, swimming, climbing and spraying tags as well as recruiting gang members.
::'''Characters:''' Best voice cast, best characters but when you got out of Los Santos a lot of annoying characters came, example, Zero, Maccer, Ken Rosenberg. But Ryder, T-Bone, Sweet - three stand out very well.
::'''Soundtrack:''' Best soundtrack without a doubt. Radio Los Santos and Playback FM stand out for me.
::'''How could it be better?:''' Nothing really could make it any better, it was just good enough, maybe if Ryder wouldn't betray you it would be better!
*[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]] (PS2)
:This game taught me something new, I hadn't played GTA on consoles before that. Also improved the great Liberty City. Plus a great protagonist, [[Toni Cipriani]].
::'''Storyline:''' Typical Mafia-story. Not the greatest but still did a good job. Could have been better if longer.
::'''Gameplay:''' Easy to get used to, over here.
::'''Characters:''' Not much changed from GTA3. But here Toni Cipriani was improved - thinner and better voice acting. Most of them stayed as before, but Donald Love was way too annoying after the big change from a calm personality in GTA3 to a loud-mouth moron in LCS. But you get used to it.
::'''Soundtrack:''' Soundtrack was disappointing, really. Only some track from here and there were OK, the rest were absolutely below average.
::'''How could it be better?:''' Rockstar done really bad here, they took out some nice features like swimming, climbing, buying houses and being able to enter buildings plus more besides that. If some of the features in SA were still here I would of liked that. Good things were you can sprint with heavy weapons and you can change outfits all inside your safehouse.
*[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] (PS2)
::This game is full of bugs but still amazing. Here I get the magically 80's feeling actually.
::'''Storyline:''' I liked it although it was a bit too short, but still great.
::'''Gameplay:''' The same as LCS.
::'''Characters:''' Loads of new characters and a completely unknown guy as protagonist who we never saw before (VC intro doesn't include here IMO.) The character were not so insipid but Diego Mendez deserved more dialogue.
::'''Soundtrack:''' Absolute classic - the soundtrack really makes me feel the 80's. Fresh 105 FM is the best radio.
::'''How could it be better?''' Well here they used most of San Andreas features again and it was kinda cool but drive-by's were over used to an extent some missions were near impossible with a bunch of gang cars coming up against you, shooting with their uzi's. The 80's feeling makes me smile when I am on a Sanchez driving on shore to the sea in Little Havana and the sun is shining and about to hide around 19:00. That is what I call 80's Miami feeling. Real epic and the soundtrack takes you to the 80's straight.

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