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Logo.svg This user thinks GTA is the best series of games ever
ToniCipriani-GTAIII-artwork.jpg This user thinks Toni Cipriani is the best protagonist
TommyVercetti-GTAVC.jpg This user thinks Tommy Vercetti is the best protagonist
GTAVC-Boxart.jpg This user thinks GTA Vice City is the best GTA game

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I really joined becuase i love the GTA games with a passion. I ownn all the GTA 3 era games and feel that they are the best set of games by far


GTA Vice City


GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories

I have several catogroes that i have put for diffrent charachters in the GTA III era

Best: Toni Cipriani

Worst: ???

Coolest: Tommy Vercetti/ CJ

Wierdest: The Truth

Controversial : Reni Wassulmaier/ Vic Vance