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The official userpage of GTAjaxoxo

My Wikipedia account:User: GTAjaxoxo

Userboxes that I put in
GTASA-Boxart.jpg This user thinks GTA San Andreas is the best GTA game
GTALCS-Boxart.jpg This user thinks GTA Liberty City Stories is the best GTA game
GTAIII-Boxart.jpg This user thinks GTA III is the best GTA game
CarlJohnson-GTASA-artwork.jpg This user thinks CJ is the best protagonist
Claude-GTAIII.jpg This user thinks Claude is the best protagonist
SA This user wants Grand Theft Auto 6 to be held in San Andreas.
GTW-logo.png This user's hobby is editing and/or using Grand Theft Wiki.
Vector This user edits using the Vector skin.
GTW-logo.png This user thinks Grand Theft Wiki is better than Wikia's GTA Wiki.
InternetExplorer-icon.png This user contributes using Internet Explorer.
Firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome This user contributes using Google Chrome.
Original XBOX This user had an original XBOX and had played it before.