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Activity One

Brucie: The thing is Niko, there is something you don't understand about me bro.

Niko: Definitely true.

Brucie: I know it all seems straight forward - what you see is what you get. Ok?

Niko: No, trust me, it seems pretty weird.

Brucie: But underneath these rock hard abs and biceps of steel, lurks the beast, bro.

Niko: What?

Brucie: I'm a wild animal, man. I'm a raging torrent, bro.

Niko: Sure - my English not so good. Can you keep it simple?

Brucie: I'm an animal on fire. I'm crazy. Loco. Lunatic. Look, all I'm saying, man, don't unlock the forces you can't possibly understand. Capiche?

Niko: I'll try not to.

Activity Two

Brucie: NB, man. You ever wonder why I look so good? Huh? You ever think, what motivates Brucie to sculpt his body into rock hard, cut granite?

Niko: Can't say that it helps me up at night, but I'd guess that it's because you're a bit insecure. There's nothing wrong with that.

Brucie: You're a crazy bastard, man. Fucking crazy. I love you, man. I love you but you're wrong, bro. Okay, I'm cut like I am because I can. Most people are happy with being average. They settle for what a midsize car, 2.4 kids and a chubby fucking wife. Huh? Yeah right.

Niko: I'd settle for people stopping trying to kill me. That's an average life I could go for.

Brucie: You don't mean that! Shit, you like to push shit to the next level as much as me. As I was saying, people settle for the average and don't look for any more okay? I wanna be everything I can be. I will pump iron, hit the cardio, juice to the max - I'll do, I'll do all that to look the best I can. That's why I've got the hottest bitches in my bed, the sweetest rides in my garage, the coldest ice on my wrist okay? You know it NB. I don't let anything stop me from hitting the pinnacle baby.

Activity Three

Brucie: Let me let you in on a little secret, NB.

Niko: Sure, as long as it doesn't involve what you really get up to in the gym.

Brucie: You want to learn something or you want to make fun?

Niko: Make fun.

Brucie: Tough - it's time you learnt something, okay? Look, you're fast and you're powerful, but unless you turn speed into velocity, unless you have direction, you might be going in the wrong direction, okay?

Niko: Thanks for that Brucie - really interesting.

Brucie: Yeah I'm writing a book. Yeah and I've got my own website - all about life coaching.

Niko: Good luck.

Brucie: No I don't need luck - I've got vision bro. In short, my philosophy is: "Life is about making the best of yourself."

Niko: Amazing. How do people do this?

Brucie: A lot of hard work down the gym, some excellent supplements and two-hundred egg whites a day.

Activity Four

Activity Five