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Home Sweet Home

Liberty City commuters have been dealt a hard blow today when transport workers across the city took industrial action in sympathy for beleaguered ferry workers whose livelihoods are threatened by the construction of the new Porter Road Tunnel. Neither side in this battle seems keen to give any ground. Union chief Jane Hopper, said yesterday, that she will bring the mayor to his knees before she's late. More later, on LCN.

Blow Up 'Dolls'

Gang warfare erupted last night in Liberty City with the destruction of The Dolls House, a gaming establishment owned by the Mafia linked Sindacco Family. A member of the similarly linked Leone Family is thought to be responsible. However, the head of the Leone Family, Salvatore Leone, has denied any knowledge of the event. More on LCN later.

Street crime is on the retreat from today with the establishment of an Avenging Angels chapter in our crime ravaged city. The Avenging Angels program takes ex-street punks, reformed gang bangers, or anyone with a grudge and turns them into respectable crime fighters. Head of the chapter, Jesus Max Sentenz, said they were not vigilantes, but publicly spirited individuals taking the law to the streets. Stay tuned for more later on LCN.

A Walk in the Park

Tonight Liberty City mourns the passing of its premiere son. Mayor R. C. Hole assassinated while jogging in Belleville Park. LCN would like to take this opportunity to extend its most humble and sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. And later on LCN, don't miss our student fashion spot. It's too cool for school.

Making Toni

Election fever grips the city, but so far only one candidate has stepped forward to replace Mayor R. C. Hole. Businessman Miles O' Donovan has pledged that should he win, his first act will be to bring a swift end to the industrial action that plagues the city. Tune in for more, later, on LCN.

L.C. Confidential

Earlier today, an authoritative report was linked to us disclosing a drug scandal amongst some of the nation's leading athletes. The President has confirmed heads will roll. Tune in later for an exclusive report from our award winning reporter, Ned Burner.