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'''Niko''': You didn't.
'''Niko''': You didn't.
==External Links==
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uomULvWzgvw Date one]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTkbCeiENac Date two]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU7YvJ_Tex0 Date three]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_ArXrrQu3k Date four]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ETEiDWU9Uo Date five]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5IbjO3dsus Date six]

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Date One

Michelle: How are you settling in?

Niko: Slowly. Your country is strange. Your city makes people crazy.

Michelle: How's Roman?

Niko: Okay.

Michelle: He likes to gamble though, doesn't he?

Niko: I don't know about that.

Michelle: Mallorie said he was in debt, to some criminals. Do you know about that?

Niko: No.

Michelle: That would really scare me. Organized crime, I mean.

Niko: Me too.

Michelle: Do you think they'll try to involve Roman?

Niko: I don't think Roman would make much of a criminal.

Michelle: I guess not... Interesting weather, isn't it?

Niko: Very.

Date Two

Michelle: So, thanks for taking me out again.

Niko: No problem.

Michelle: Yeah, I've never dated a foreign guy before - a lot from another planet, but none from another country.

Niko: Okay.

Michelle: Tell me about yourself. Tell me about Niko Bellic.

Niko: There is not much to tell. I just moved here.

Michelle: I know - and you live with your cousin - but what do you guys do?

Niko: I don't have regular work, yet.

Michelle: So, what did you do in Europe?

Niko: I worked, in tourism. In travel industry.

Michelle: Did you fight in the war?

Niko: Sure.

Michelle: How was that?

Niko: How do you think it was? Seeing your friends die? Seeing men have their legs blown off? It was... it was... it ruined me.

Michelle: I'm so sorry.

Niko: Me too. Maybe here, things will be different.

Date Three

Michelle: How's Mallorie? We haven't spoken in a while.

Niko: Good, I think.

Michelle: Good. She's a great girl. I really like her.

Niko: Me too. Nice girl.

Michelle: Yeah, she's done well. She comes from a very poor background.

Niko: No - I come from a poor background. You people don't know what poor is.

Michelle: Hey I'm sorry - by our standards - she comes from a rough part of South Bohan. Full of crooks and killers. I imagine she knows some very dangerous people - and she's so normal.

Niko: Yes, really normal.

Michelle: I really like her. And I think I like you.

Niko: Thank you.

Michelle: My pleasure! You're kind of cute.

Date Four

Michelle: Can I ask you a question?

Niko: Sure.

Michelle: What do you know about that guy Vlad?

Niko: Nothing. He's a friend of Roman's.

Michelle: Really.

Niko: I met him - he seemed angry, how you say... aggressive to hide inadequacy? I never see him again. Why?

Michelle: Mallories mentioned him, that's all.

Niko: Okay.

Michelle: Do you think he's in the Russian Mafia? He sounded like a crook.

Niko: I really have no idea.

Michelle: Okay.

Date Five

Michelle: You seem really agitated, Niko. Is something wrong?

Niko: I'm having some problems, in my work.

Michelle: You found work? Great. What are you doing?

Niko: Nothing regular.

Michelle: Maybe I can help. Tell me what's going on?

Niko: I don't think you can help. It's nothing.

Michelle: I wish you'd trust me - talk to me about your work - I'm a good listener.

Niko: It's hard to explain. And not a big deal. I'm just tired.

Michelle: Okay. If you're sure.

Niko: I'm sure.

Date Six

Michelle: Listen, it's a bit of a strange question, but do you know where I can get some... some.

Niko: Some what?

Michelle: Some drugs?

Niko: No. I didn't know you liked to party.

Michelle: No, no no. It's for my cousin.

Niko: Sure. That's what everyone says.

Michelle: It is... he wants some coke, for a bachelor party.

Niko: Fair enough. That is his business. But I am not a drug dealer. What made you think that?

Michelle: I just thought you might now someone. Or Roman did...

Niko: No. Roman is an addict, but not cocaine. Gambling.

Michelle: Yeah. Sorry I mentioned it. I didn't mean to offend you.

Niko: You didn't.