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Bull in a China Shop

Shop owner is killed

Niko: Vlad, I scared the old man too much. He's dead.

Vlad: Stupid peasant, think about it. Dead men can't pay me money. Now you cousin's going to have to owe me for this as well.

Hung Out to Dry

Shop owner is killed

Niko: Vlad, the muscovite ain't around no more.

Vlad: I hope you didn't kill him, I hope he choked on some detergent or something? Stupid peasant, think about it. Dead men can't pay me money. Now your cousin's going to have to owe me for this as well.

Shop owner escapes

Niko: Vlad, I couldn't catch your friend.

Vlad: Fucking yokel, you were meant to teach him a lesson. He's going to be the problem buzzing in my ears now. Dipshit!

Clean Getaway

Jimmy's car is destroyed

Niko: Hey, Vlad. The car you wanted, it's... how you say? Fucked.

Vlad: You're going to be fucked when I'm done with you, yokel. Come back to see me.

Roman: I hope you're going to buy me dinner first, Vlad. I'm not that easy.

Ivan the Not So Terrible

Ivan escapes

Niko: Hey, Vlad. I lost your boyfriend. He got away from me.

Vlad: I should have known you would screw this up. You are born loser, just like your cousin. Come see me sometime.

Uncle Vlad

Vlad escapes

Roman: This is fate telling us to give up, cousin.

Niko: I decide when I will give up on something, cousin.

Concrete Jungle

Runners get away

Niko: Jacob, I couldn't get all those guys. Some got away.

Little Jacob: Rhattid! I call Real Badman and tell him what a' gwan. Galang bout ya business.

Crime and Punishment

Vans are shot or destroyed

Niko: Dimitri, I couldn't get you that shipment.

Dimitri: Mikhail does not tolerate failure. I hope your cousin is not nearby when I tell him this.

Do You Have Protection?

Dimitri dies

Niko: I got some bad news, Mr. Faustin. Dimitri's gone.

Faustin: Dimitri.. dead? How? This is impossible. Come see me and explain.

Porn shop guys/gun shop owner injured

Dimitri:: You need to control yourself, you could become like Mikhail. There is no room for two maniacs in our operation.


Dealer is killed

Niko: I took the dealer down. With these injuries, he won't be shifting no weight anytime soon.

Little Jacob: One? It be a whole operation, dere be a lot of dem pon da street, killing one ain't nuttin man. Wha'gwan? Come check I soon Niko.

Dealer escapes

Niko: I lost him.

Little Jacob: Ya lose him? How da blood clat ya can lose him? Pon da corner? How ya can lose him pon da corner? Badman ah get vex! Yo, come ah the apartment man. Yo, lose him pon da corner? Cha!

Final Destination

Lenny escapes

Niko: Ah... Lenny, got away. Maybe this is a sign?

Faustin: You let him go? You disobeyed me? Maybe it is you I should have killed. You and Dimitri.

No Love Lost

Faustin's daughter is killed

Niko: Mikhail, I have bad news. Your daughter... she was hurt.

Faustin: That fucking biker. I knew he was filth from the moment I heard of him. I must tell my wife.

Niko: The biker, yes, he's a dead man. I will come to see you soon.

Biker escapes

Niko: That biker got away, I'm sorry.

Faustin: You fucking better be. If my daughter goes blind from some S.T.D. then I am holding you accountable, Niko Bellic.

Rigged to Blow

Truck is destroyed

Niko: The fucking truck got trashed before I could get it there. I'm lucky to be alive.

Faustin: Are you stupid? Can you do nothing? I trust these people and they always let me down...

Search and Delete

Rivas escapes

Niko: The guy you sent me after, Rivas. He got away.

Brucie: Shit, man. That, that cat's still out there? This ain't cool at all, bro. God I'm angry. God! Angry. Not with you, man. I mean, I couldn't be angry with you. Just, like, fucking angry. Come back to see me, bro.

Easy as Can Be

Car is destroyed

Niko: Hey, Brucie, I'm sorry about this but Lyle's car got fucked. You ain't getting it.

Brucie: Fuck, I wanted that real bad. You should have seen that jumped up punk driving around in that shit. At least he ain't gonna be driving no more. Come back to see me, man.

Master and the Molotov

Faustin escapes

Niko: Dimitri, Mikhail got away from me. He is still alive.

Dimitri: Shit. Does he know that I had anything to do with this? How could you be so stupid? What am I to do?

Escuela of the Streets

Dealer's car is damaged

Manny: Shit, he'd pulled up. It's almost like you don't care about the kids, man. You think these streets is safe enough? See for yourself - get out.

Dealer is spooked

Manny: Man, you hit him. No way we can get the rest of them leeches now! If you can't clean up the streets, man, then you can walk on them, man. Get out.

Niko gets too close

Manny: Follow don't mean get all up in his shit. It's over. Everytime the streets is hurt, I hurt inside, man. You cut me deep, man. Get out of here.

Niko leaves the deal

Manny: Niko, you made a promise to me, man. Your bond is your word, man. I thought you was going to clean shit up. For me and these streets. For these people man, my people.

Niko: Something else came up, I couldn't do it. I guess the streets is going to have to stay dirty for a little longer. See you, Manny.

Street Sweeper

Dealers escape

Niko: Manny, I thought you should know that I lost those dealers. But I guess the streets already told you that.

Manny: Niko, you cold, man. You cold and you ain't doing shit right. Come see me.

Luck of the Irish

Niko interrupts the deal

Elizabeta: What you doing? I get a call from these dealers saying someone shooting at 'em. You didn't give them the chance to do the deal.

Niko: Sorry, I just didn't want them trying nothing with your boy. I'll come see you.

Patrick is injured

Niko: I am sorry but your friend Patrick's luck ran out.

Elizabeta: Putana. How I going to explain this to his hermano? I wish you had learned to shoot.

An attacker escapes

Patrick: Niko, It's Packie. What the hell went wrong back there? You let the bastard get away, Niko.

Niko: Maybe I was too busy saving your ass to clean up your mess? Sue me.

Blow Your Cover

Playboy X is killed

Niko: I'm afraid that your friend Playboy, he had an accident, he ain't gonna be around no more.

Elizabeta: Playboy was a fool, but he earned. This ain't good. Come back to see me.

Johnny is killed

Niko: The deal didn't happen, Elizabeta. Johnny, your biker friend, got himself killed before the meet. Sorry

Elizabeta: Pato! No money and a good earner is dead. Why I surround myself with you people?

Playboy X is abandoned

Niko: The deal didn't go so good. Charlie was an undercover cop. I think the Feds have Playboy.

Elizabeta: Shit. The boy will say anything to get out of doing hard time. Why you not fucking keep hold of him?