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You are drunk. Your vision is blurred and you will find it difficult to walk and drive. Try to keep your balance and take Roman home. You'll sober up soon.

In game description

Activity One

Roman: You see the way that man was looking at me? Did you see him?

Niko: An ex-boyfriend?

Roman: Fuck you. Fuck you, Niko Bellic. He was looking at me like he wanted to fight. Like he thought I was nobody. I'm a somebody. So what if I moved here. Everyone except the Native Americans are immigrants to this country and even they were meant to have walked here from Russia when the sea was frozen over.

Niko: I didn't know that.

Roman: Stick with me, cousin, and you'll learn a lot. About games of chance, about hard work and opportunity, about pleasuring women - you'll learn a hell of a lot. What did that scumbag think he was staring at? I'm a continental lager, he's just a domestic brew. Tastes like fucking piss. Everyone loves an imported and classy beverage. If I knew where he lived I'd go there and seduce his wife.

Niko: She wouldn't be able to resist you, Roman.

Roman: Not many women can, not many can...

Activity Two

Roman: I'm sober. I had a lot to drink, but I'm straight sober.

Niko: Sure.

Roman: I am... listen, man... I'm seeing funny. I think I got spiked.

Niko: What? What is spiked?

Roman: I think someone put something in my drink. Evil people do it to women they wish to take advantage of.

Niko: And which nice sailor in there do you think wanted to take advantage of you, pretty lady?

Roman: Firstly, I wasn't in the fucking merchant navy. And secondly, cousin and friend, fuck you. And thirdly, people also do it if they want to steal your kidneys or your liver.

Niko: Who would want your kidneys or liver? They must all be shot through by now.

Roman: Fuck you, I'm an alpha male. I'm at the top of the tree...

Niko: Like a fairy.

Roman: Not that tree... the tree of life.

Niko: Oh, that tree. Stop talking shit.