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Boomshine Blowout

This just in, a gang related arson attack rocks Little Havana. The run down Latin district grows alarmingly more violent everyday as gangs from different communities vie for control of it's streets. Firefighters apologize for their late arrival at the scene, blaming the hectic training program of their new fire helicopter service soon to be unveiled in the city. VNN, news on the hour, every hour, regardless.

Waking Up the Neighbors

Breaking news. Citizens of Little Havana and Little Haiti were rudely awakened this morning as gang violence tore through their neighborhoods. Though the district's persistently played host to gang fighting, unsubstantiated reports suggest a lone killer was responsible for these attacks. More later. VNN, keeping it real simple, just for you.

The Audition

Police hunting two accomplices involved in the King Knuts burger bar hold up in Downtown today have expressed confidence that in this case they can turn the tide of Vice City's rising crime wave. The hapless thieves fled the crime scene empty handed, leaving their masked friends behind to face the full force of the law. VNN, easy to digest reportertainment.