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Weather forecasters are predicting a stormy time ahead for Vice City as Hurricane Gordy threatens to make landfall in the south keys. City officials have taken the usual precautionary measure of closing all bridges from the mainland to Ocean Beach and Vice Point and all flights to and from Escobar International Airport have been halted until further notice. For more news updates stay tuned to Vice News Network.

Boomshine Blowout

This just in, a gang related arson attack rocks Little Havana. The run down Latin district grows alarmingly more violent everyday as gangs from different communities vie for control of it's streets. Firefighters apologize for their late arrival at the scene, blaming the hectic training program of their new fire helicopter service soon to be unveiled in the city. VNN, news on the hour, every hour, regardless.

Waking Up the Neighbors

Breaking news. Citizens of Little Havana and Little Haiti were rudely awakened this morning as gang violence tore through their neighborhoods. Though the district's persistently played host to gang fighting, unsubstantiated reports suggest a lone killer was responsible for these attacks. More later. VNN, keeping it real simple, just for you.

The Audition

Police hunting two accomplices involved in the King Knuts burger bar hold up in Downtown today have expressed confidence that in this case they can turn the tide of Vice City's rising crime wave. The hapless thieves fled the crime scene empty handed, leaving their masked friends behind to face the full force of the law. VNN, easy to digest reportertainment.

Nice Package

Street rage descended on Vice City today as some drivers succumbed to the desire to ram and chase each other at high speeds. Witnesses in Downtown reported that some drivers were even seen to be discharging firearms at one another. Our legal team, Rosenberg & Company, urge citizens to quote the 2nd Amendment should they face charges. VNN, thinking for you, so you don't have to.

Caught as an Act

Vice City civilians had a pleasant surprise today when an unknown philanthropist tossed cash from his car onto the streets. The police would like to talk to the kind-hearted driver with regard to littering charges and several hit and runs. If you have any information as to his whereabouts, call us on 555-FUND-US. VNN, cashing in the chips of truth.

From Zero to Hero

After being poised on the verge of evacuation, Vice City finally breathes a sigh of relief today as meteorologists report Hurricane Gordy will bypass the state without incident. All bridges to Ocean Beach and Vice Point have now been reopened. And flights to and from Escobar International Airport have recommenced. VNN, where good news is no news.

Brawn of the Dead

Vice City's screen profile steps up a notch as Interglobal Film Studios begins shooting a series of action packed commercials on our streets over the next few weeks. The studio, about to wrap filming on their zombie movie epic, Mall Munchers, has apologized for disturbances to the normal flow city life caused by their work. VNN, switch off before you switch on.


Police commissioner McGuinnely was warned by municipal officers today that the recent spane of gang attacks on businesses across the city are likely to be the primary engagement in what may become an all out war against the city's criminal underworld. The commissioner responded that he would asses the situation when he gets back from his annual leave next month. VNN, where complacency is the answer.

Taking the Fall

Gang warfare intensifies on Vice City's streets as many members of the Biker gang were viciously slain in Downtown today. Initially, police believed the killings to be drug related, however forensics have found no evidence of narcotics at the crime scene and can only conclude that the motive was purely inter-gang rivalry. VNN, ringing lies from the scrawny neck of truth.

Farewell to Arms

Law enforcement officers announce the seizure of a large drug haul today as 199 kilos of uncut cocaine was captured entering the country. Agents involved in the swoop were praised for their professionalism by police commissioner McGuinnely who added "to be seen as winning the war on drugs is just as important as actually winning the war." VNN, hustling raw news to green public.

Burning Bridges

News just in. Chaos descended on Vice City's lower west side today when fuel containers at Escobar International Airport unexpectedly ignited causing thousands of dollars in damage and interrupted flights to and from the airport. Escobar officials have warned travelers that missed flights due to the explosion can not be reimbursed. They also express deep sympathy for those people killed in the blast. VNN, now that's a spicy news ball!

Blitzkrieg Strikes Again

Drug war brought Vice City to a standstill today after weeks of escalating violence amongst the criminal underworld finally came to a head. Widespread conflict was witnessed across many districts as gangs fought each other to a standstill over the control of drug trafficking in the city. Stay tuned for further updates. VNN, news coming straight in your face.

Light my Pyre

News of a vicious and unprovoked assault on the Prawn Island home of Vice City's philanthropist brothers, Armando and Diego Mendez is just reaching us. A drug crazed maniac is alleged to have fought his way onto their well guarded estate and assassinated the elder brother, Armando. The whereabouts and conditions of Diego Mendez is still unknown at this time. VNN, dredging for rumors off the gossip coast.

Over the Top

The army has been left with egg on its face today after admitting an attack helicopter was stolen from their military base north of Escobar International Airport. Senior officers have said the thief should be regard as most definitely armed and dangerous and urged him to do the right thing. Return their chopper then turn himself in. Please. VNN, making and breaking the news.

Last Stand

The stolen military helicopter demolished the upper floors of the Mendez Foundation's Downtown building today. Reports filtering in tell of numerous casualties. Diego Mendez, himself is said to be amongst the dead. Under oath sources say this was a legitimate hit on the Mendez Brothers whom they allege were two of Vice City's chief crime lords. Police have warned the public to remain vigilant as the assassin and thief is still at large. VNN, a no snooze news channel.