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Staff (Moderators, Administrators and Managers) are users on Grand Theft Wiki who have volunteered their time to help keep the wiki running smoothly. Staff are voted upon by the community and promoted by a Manager. They have been trusted by the community with tools to aid in the maintenance of the wiki. The three levels of staff have varying rights and tools on the wiki, detailed below.

Staff are likely to be some of the most experienced editors on the wiki, so don't hesitate to ask advice. If the staff member cannot answer your question, he or she is likely to know how you may find the answer.

The users listed below are the only with any administrative privileges, authority, or tools. The policies and rules of Grand Theft Wiki apply to all editors, regardless of staff position(s) held.


Moderators (Mods or Patrollers) are editors on Grand Theft Wiki who have been trusted with additional tools to keep the wiki clean. Moderators are always experienced editors, and should be able to help with most questions.
Moderator Rights / Responsibilities:
  • Patrol edits (own edits automatically "patrolled")
  • Rollback edits (quick revert tool for vandalism)
  • Move pages when appropriate
  • Protect talk pages when appropriate


  Administrators (Admins or SysOps) are editors with extra tools and authority to solve disputes in the interest of keeping the wiki running smoothly. Administrators editors of the wiki available to help other editors and readers; they also enforce the policies of Grand Theft Wiki, and occasionally may step in when needed to solve problems using the additional tools available to them.
Administrator Rights / Responsibilities:
  • All rights and responsibilities of Moderators, plus:
  • Protect article pages when appropriate
  • Edit protected pages when appropriate
  • Block editors when appropriate
  • Delete and restore pages when appropriate
  • Enforce GTW policy and solve problems


  Managers (Bureaucrats) are the users that steer Grand Theft Wiki. They have authority in any disputes, and can approve large-scale changes to the wiki.
Manager Rights / Responsibilities:
  • All rights and responsibilities of Administrators, plus:
  • Promote staff when appropriate
  • Make final decisions in disputes
  • Approve, interpret and modify GTW policy
  • Make major decisions about GTW
  • Edit 'MediaWiki' namespace when appropriate

Wikia Staff

Wikia Staff, Janitors and Wikia Helpers have administrative privileges on all Wikia wikis.

The main Wikia Staff that work with Grand Theft Wiki are:

Inactive Staff

These users are previous or inactive staff.

Promotion to Staff

See Grand Theft Wiki:Promotion to see the process for nominating staff for promotion, and to provide nominations and feedback on nominees.