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(GTA Games I Own: Received GTA V yesterday)
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**[[Episodes from Liberty City]] - Xbox 360
**[[Episodes from Liberty City]] - Xbox 360
*[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]] - PS Vita port
*[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]] - PS Vita port
*[[Grand Theft Auto V]]/[[Grand Theft Auto Online|Online]] - Xbox 360
==GTA Games I Had==
==GTA Games I Had==

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Hello, I am originalusername. I am currently waiting impatiently for my copy of Grand Theft Auto V. No, you may not contact me outside of this wiki, except for the Social Club. You can see my page here.

GTA Games I Own

GTA Games I Had

Other Rockstar Games I Have/Had

  • Midnight Club III: DUB Edition - Xbox (lost)
    • DUB Edition REMIX - PS2 (stolen by moving company)
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Xbox 360 (stolen by moving company)
  • L.A. Noire - Xbox 360

Favorite Vehicles


There's a lot to like.

Most Beloved Vehicles