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你好 and welcome to my user page. I'm a Chinese and very interested in Grand Theft Auto games. Hope we will work together happily.

Speculations on Games

Below are my speculation on next era of games:

In next era there may be ...
  • More than one protagonist
  • A female protagonist
  • Chinese protagonists
  • Events taking place in China
  • Dialogue written in Chinese
  • A game world that can be accessible from the very beginning of the game
  • A rectangular radar, etc.

Note that those thoughts are based on a so-called brainstorm, making some of them unrealizable. However, I'm really looking forward to a game that bears such feature. (Some are proved exist in Grand Theft Auto V)

Like and Dislike

Below are my personal opinion about something in Grand Theft Auto.


  • My favorite protagonist is Tommy Vercetti, brave and intelligent, yet wild. His speech is always inspirational.
  • Just like many players, I do like Niko Bellic, for he is really impressive, but sometimes emotional. (Ah yes, and his scream...)
  • Mike is the last protagonist that I like. Grand Theft Auto Advance was a failure ever since, its hero also a disappointment.
  • I have a crush on Huang Lee! (I'm not gay, though...)But what the f*** happened to his fiancée?!


  • Of all the vehicles from GTA, I love Cheetah best. Always flexible. Speedy.
  • Ambulance is a steady one. But the main character could be trapped before it turns over and blow up. Sometimes locked.(GTA III Era)
  • Sparrow is s**t! Too hard to fly!