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Thanks for coming to my page - my name is Justin. You can call me that, or my username if you prefer one or the other. I edit and read articles on Grand Theft Wiki; not much to it. I also have a discussion page if you want to talk, or you can PM me on, same name on here as on GTAForums.

Grand Theft Auto Series Ratings

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Platform: XBOX 360

Favorite Mission: Not So Fast; Meeting up with all the protagonists is amazing.

Favorite Vehicle: Buzzard; When you're given two Miniguns, an unlimited supply of rockets and aviation control, life takes you places.

Favorite Feature: Underground Fighting; To fight it out in a cage, and bet upon other people who wish to hurt others - fantastic.

Favorite Weapon: Automatic Shotgun; The explosion rounds that penetrate cars and people make this a must-have for any gangster.

Favorite Radio Station: Liberty Rock Radio; Regardless of the character, I will always love Rock; period.

Rating: 8.5/10 *'s

Game Progress:

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned

Platform: XBOX 360

Favorite Mission:

Favorite Vehicle: Revenant; It's sleekness and fast movement makes this a must for any biker.

Favorite Feature: Gang Warfare; The fun of riding with your brothers and kicking deadbeat ass.

Favorite Weapon: Sawn-off Shotgun; This unique weapon carries the firepower to destroy - that's what I like about it.

Favorite Radio Station: Liberty Rock Radio; Still has the best Rock.

Rating: 8/10 *'s

Game Progress:

Grand Theft Auto IV

Platform: XBOX 360

Favorite Mission: Three Leaf Clover; You rob a bank with three other companions and run away with over 200,000 dollars cash - amazing.

Favorite Vehicle: Sultan; It gives you the two things every car needs - speed and looks!

Favorite Feature: Multiplayer; Don't play with yourself, play Multiplayer!

Favorite Weapon: Assault Rifle; The resemblance of a Type III AK-47 keeps its rep as the GTA all-time favorite.

Favorite Radio Station: Liberty Rock Radio; Rocky Mountain Way still makes this the best radio station on there.

Rating: 8.75/10 *'s

Game Progress: 95.0%

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Platform: XBOX Original

Favorite Mission: Green Goo; If stealing government property, becoming step closer into the secrecy chain of SA, and speaking to Truth, doesn't make you love San Andreas - it's possible nothing will.

Favorite Vehicle: Alpha; Fast action, and amazing speed makes this vehicle unique.

Favorite Feature: Myths/Legends; The countless hours spent searching for Bigfoot, Ghosts and many other myths gives me nostalgic memories of San Andreas.

Favorite Weapon: SMG; Its compact structure, fast rate of fire, and chrome texture is a must for any gangster.

Favorite Radio Station: K-DST; The songs of Creedence Clearwater Revival, America + others and the host is Axl. Rose, it's impossible to not love The Dust!

Rating: 9.25/10 *'s; Gameplay is fun and time-consuming with it's touches of realism - however, frustrating missions damage my rating for the game.

Game Progress: 100.0%

Favorite Characters