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I understand but...

I under stand I deserved that block, and I'm not aruging that I don't, I was surprised I didn't get anything longer, I'm going to try reading The Child Called 'It', so far it's been working wonders on me, and I think once that month is over, maybe I'll be more mature, but please, I stress the maybe.

I hate to mention his name, but I'm just saying, I don't understand how Bord gets away with it, and you actully talk in a happy mood about me being blocked. He has also been warned not to talk to me, and to just pretend I had never hit Create Account. I got into a small dispute with EightOhEight, trying to explain myself (read my new quote, I even admit I'm a jackass), and who do you guess burns into OUR (808 and my) conversation. I'll give you a hint, he's RLLY BORD, and I think he deserves a strict warning, or a block, but he deserves the former of the two, as he did break a warning. I can't help but get angry at how I get banned for harassment and indimitation, for someone who started tossing mud at me first (political term). He contionously harrased me when I tried to start over, and even called me a jackass and a bitch, before I did, and I was simply returning the favor.

I'm not argueing about being blocked, and I'm just saying, I'm not the only shady person under the tree (Old Ku Klux Klan word for a guilty man, but I'm not a kkk member)

Notice:If anyone else reads this, this is regarding the Call of Duty wiki, and it sure beats Grand Theft Auto like Tiger's wife beats him. Peter Griffen Boy 22:24, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

New Wiki

I'm trying to find a new wiki I can edit, and I'll think I'll try at the Made Up Charachters wiki, hope no one touched my Modern Warfare Four. Peter Griffen Boy 22:31, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

I'm gonna stop bothering you.

Anyway, if you need anymore userboxes, I'll make them. They're pretty fun to make, here's one of my favorites File:Wawspringfield.jpg

Wawspringfield.jpg How come no scoping on a rifle, without a scope is not manly?

I copied this from Saints UMP.45, it was one of my first userboxes, never used it though.

How I'd improve WAW

  • When you shoot someone, in the face with a bazooka, they're right leg will not come off, they're head, a large amount of the spine and body will follow
  • When shooting Armsel with a PTRS you see gore, when shooting him with a pistol, he will not jump into the air.
  • The PTRS would be a mounted gun on vehicle maps (around fifteen hits would take a tank from the front, around five from the back), not a scoped rifle, that would be impractical, as it would be impossible to aim correctly
  • Why would Dimitir go for a bolt-action rifle, when going to take out three Nazis, with MP-40s, when he had a SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistol
  • MGs being carried and used like they do is nearly impossible, as they would overheat and be very heavy to use, normally it took two men to operate a mounted one, and it was still difficult. Infinity Ward made theirs overheat, and they were a rare sight un-mounted
  • Honestly, how the hell can someone survive sliced in the wrist, and they're watch working fine?
  • Shooting someone once withg a BAR to the head will not make it come off.
  • Banzai charges were not used as a simple attack, they were used in a time of sure deafeat. Plus, them just screaming BANZAI is unaccuarte, it would be "Emperor BANZAI!" only a few Suns can speak correct Japanease.
  • Sullivan being killed like that is impractical, who opens a door when they hear enemies coming, get back and aim down your sights, the second that door peeps open, boom and done.
  • Obtaining the rank General is very hard and takes a long time, how can just one at least sixty year old man run that fast, he runs even faster then his body guards.
  • Dimitri being burnt by flamethrowers would surely kill him like they did in Vendetta.

Sorry for being lengthy, but I honestly got nothing better do, and I would post this as a blog, but I'm banned. Peter Griffen Boy 23:48, February 12, 2010 (UTC)