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For previous discussions, please see my archive.

All posts that have a signature without a time, like this: Eganio (Talk), have been copied from my board. replies may be found on that user's board, or talk page.

I will usually reply to any posts on your own talk page so that you get an email. You may reply back here, or over there, I will get emails either way. However to start a new discussion, you MUST come back to me. (I will however reply here to messages by Gboyers).


Is there any way i can advertise my new Take-Two interactive Wikia site on this site.

Uploading image problem

Hey Biggest gta fan ever this might sound stupid but I'm having problems uploading image to my avatar and the picture I'm trying to upload is less than 100k and is a jpg image.Think you can help me out?Thanks?-User:BloodyGTA

  • Alright,thak you for your help.I'll try to upload the image agian.-User:BloodyGTA
  • Well I don't know if its me doing something wrong with the avatar but everytime I try to put a picture on my avatar nothing happens and I check to see if it works and it doesn't.

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Where exactly is the external links page. And if i can link to my sitei am going to link back. And i am not going to use this as a way of taking away your Users and adding more to me. Thanks. --C.Dawson 21:10, 29 December 2008 (UTC)