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The following is an explanation of the layout on the previous page.

Vehicle layout

  • Summary - This is a brief description of the topic at the very top of the page. It's name and what it is.
  • Overview - More detailed information about the vehicle, it's role, it's design and handling characteristics, and the differences (if any) between each game's rendition of the vehicle should all go here, among other things. (if Overview becomes sufficiently wordy, it should be divided into the two additional sub-sections below)
    • Design
    • Performance
  • Side mission - A link to the side mission that can be launched from the vehicle, if any.
  • Appears in - A list of the games in which the vehicle appears.
  • Variants - Vehicles based upon the subject vehicle. For example, the GTA San Andreas Taxi is a variant of the Premier
  • Trivia - Miscellaneous facts about the vehicle.
  • See also - Links to articles that are in some way related. For example, you might include a link to the Taxi at the bottom of an article about the Cabbie.
  • Gallery - A gallery of images of the vehicle. I think this should go at the bottom because it's large and hard to miss, and also because, for this reason, anything placed below it is very difficult to see.


Locations - Many vehicle articles currently have lists of locations where vehicles can be found in each game. These lists frequently become long and are of dubious usefulness (except in the case of rare vehicles), so I'm of the view that they should be excluded.
Modifications - Some vehicle articles currently have a list of modifications that can be applied to the vehicle in GTA San Andreas. This information isn't particularly useful, in my opinion. If anything, only which garage the vehicle can be modified at should be mentioned, probably in the overview.
Brand names - Introduced in GTAIV, such as Albany or Grotti should excluded from the summary of an article which documents a vehicle that appears in other games as well, as the brand name is only relevant to the GTAIV rendition of the vehicle.

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