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ST - I apologise, it appears my former staff member has been unecessearily rude to you. Firstly, yes, everyones opinion is equally irrelevant. If we don't have proof, then we need to make a best-guess together (even if it includes the word 'maybe'), and agree on that, or else we simply don't put anything. However, we have a number of users who put whatever they think, and fight back whenever anyone removes it (because there is no proof whatsoever). I am fairly sure I have seen Rockstar (Sam or Dan) mention there are definitely no minors in any of the games, probably in a magazine article. There is no evidence to suggest they are minors, so there's nothing worth putting in an article. Secondly, a tilda is this symbol (~), putting four of those (~~~~) will automatically sign your name and put the date, which is very useful on talk pages. Hope that helps - Gboyers talk 21:14, 29 July 2009 (UTC)