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The V-Rock Hotel in GTA San Andreas.
V-Rock Logo
V Rock Logo on top of the studio

V-Rock is a radio station based in Reddick, Florida in 1984 and later Vice City by 1986. It broadcasts to Vice City. The station is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It was originally hosted by Couzin Ed, until Lazlow took over in 1986, when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes place.

The station primarily plays rock, but also some metal. Station promos often included comparisons to other stations, saying that while other stations were playing synthesizer-music, V-Rock was playing rock. Jezz Torrent of Love Fist also makes a couple of appearances, stating that "You're listening to V-Rock". The station's mascot was a vulture, as seen in the station's logo, and Lazlow often complained that it got more air time than he did. The V-Rock Hotel in Las Venturas, San Andreas was named after the station and featured its logo in its sign. Kent Paul often hung out with Love Fist at V-Rock's Vice City headquarters, and gave Tommy Vercetti several missions from there. Two songs by Love Fist appear in the playlist as well. It also has a phone line, slightly similar to that of Chatterbox FM. The three callers featured are Couzin Ed, Mitch Baker and a person who refers to himself as Snow-Dog. In Vice City Stories the phone line is still present but the only caller is a guy who hates Couzin Ed

GTA Vice City

The original Vice City V-Rock playlist is as follows:

GTA Vice City Stories

The Vice City Stories V-Rock playlist is as follows:


  • In Vice City Stories, Couzin Ed says "turn up the radio, it's Autograph" right before playing All I'm Gonna Take. This is a reference to the song Turn Up The Radio by Autograph in GTA Vice City.
  • Couzin Ed also says "Comin' atcha live! The bitch is back...", referencing to Cumin Atcha Live by Tesla in GTA Vice City, The Bitch Is Back by Elton John is also a popular classic rock song, although, not on the playlist.
  • Also near the end of Queen of the Reich he says "Metal up your ass" which is a reference to the orignal name for the Metallica album Kill 'Em All, however no Metallica songs are played on V-Rock
  • Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, Autograph & Judas Priest appear in both games while Love Fist is mentioned in Vice City Stories. Also Ozzy Osbourne appears on San Andrea's Radio X while KISS apperead on K-DST.
  • In Vice City Stories since V-Rock is in Reddick and not in Vice City, the V-Rock HQ in Downtown Vice City doesn't have the V-Rock sign on the top of the building, like it does in GTA Vice City.

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