VAJ Finance

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VAJ Finance logo.
The VAJ Finance building in GTA Vice City.

VAJ Finance is an office building located in Downtown Vice City in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories renditions of Vice City.

The building is designed with a relatively unconventional U-shaped profile, and features an open plaza area in the ground level, centered around a poorly-textured globe. In addition, the rooftop of the building features a helipad, which can only be access from the air.

The plaza of the building is prominently featured in in GTA Vice City during "Recruitment Drive", serving as the location where Tommy Vercetti recruits Candy Suxxx, who is working as a prostitute, for as an actress for the pornography industry.


GTA Vice City
  • One rampage: In the doorway in the south part of the ground floor of the building.
  • One hidden package: On the stone column of the statue on the ground floor of the building.


  • "VAJ" might be a reference to a slang term for a vagina, "vag".
  • The street in front of the building features parking meters that can be knocked over by a car for money in GTA Vice City.