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The VCN Maverick is a news helicopter in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City owned by the company Eight-Ten VCN in Downtown, Vice City. It is never flown by anyone but can be found parked on the company's helipad.

In both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the VCN Maverick is a leftover from GTA Vice City and is not used in the game. It can be obtained only by using cheat devices. The helicopter will always appear chromed in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has its own version of this helicopter called the News Chopper.

The aircraft retains the nose profile of the B206, but has a fuselage similar to the cancelled YOH-4.


GTA Vice City

  • On top of the Eight-Ten VCN building in Downtown, Vice City

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