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The Vice City Police Department (VCPD) is the main law enforcement entity in Vice City, appearing in both GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories. There are police stations in each of four locations throughout Vice City: Little Havana, Downtown, Vice Point and Washington Beach.

Their cars are green and white, and can be obtained from police stations, although they are occasionally locked. The VCPD Cruiser is very fast and light, prone to easy flipping and launching off the ground. However, it is extremely durable, making the VCPD a force to be reckoned with. VCPD officers wear uniforms consisting of a tan military shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. These officers carry a nightstick and a 9mm, and aren't afraid to use either. They commonly travel alone in their crusiers, but travel in pairs when pursuing a player with a 2-star wanted level or above. The VCPD Chief commissioner in 1984 is called McGinley as referenced by VNN. It is unknown if is still holds the position in 1986.

The VCPD also houses Vice City's Vice Squad, which appears at the 3-star wanted level. Vice Squad members drive the VCPD Cheetah, which is just a standard Cheetah with a siren and flashing light. They are armed with micro-SMGs and always travel in pairs. Additionally, VCPD is home to Vice City's S.W.A.T. team, which appears at the 4-star wanted level. These highly trained officers travel in fours in the fast and durable SWAT Van, wielding SMGs. They are lethal to a player on-foot, even with Armor, and can turn a perfectly good automobile into a flaming death-trap in seconds with their gunfire.


  • Upon reaching three-star wanted level, Uzi-carrying vice squad members will pursue you in VCPD Cheetahs. These Vice City Vice Squad members always arrive as two unaided officers, dressed casually, but tastefully. These two gun-toting playboys are meant to emulate Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs from 80's television's Miami Vice, a drama focusing on well-dressed, seemingly overpaid vice officers in Miami, who drive expensive sports cars and live a life of luxury and adventure.
  • There is also a Sergeant Pulaski, a "fat chump", who owes Ken Rosenberg a "few favours". It is also unknown if the sergeant in question is Eddie Pulaski.