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The Vapid "fleet sedan" is a commercial/fleet vehicle platform found in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.



The fleet sedan is based primarily on the 1992-97 Ford Crown Victoria with some influences from the 1998-2011 model. The Crown Victoria was a popular vehicle for police and taxi applications for its performance and durability due to its body-on-frame construction, rear wheel drive layout, and V8 powertrain.

Unlike the Declasse Merit or the Bravado Buffalo, there is no consumer variant of this sedan. In real-life, Ford stopped selling the Crown Victoria as a retail model after the 2007 model year.

Regardless of its application, the fleet sedan features a front pushbar, CB radio equipment, and black wheels with chrome centercaps. Law enforcement models additionally have a police computer, roof-mounted lightbars, and a spotlight mounted on the driver's side. The taxi variants have a rear pushbar, fare meter, taxi lights and markers, and a hood-mounted taxi medallion; some taxis may also have roof-mounted advertising.


The fleet sedan is powered by a 4.6L V8, coupled to a 5 speed gearbox in a RWD layout. Acceleration is good, and the top speed is above average and its braking and suspension are very good. Crash deformation is good, and the vehicle can sustain multiple frontal impacts before failing.

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