Varrios Los Aztecas

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Varrios Los Aztecas
Members of the Varrios Los Aztecas
Games: GTA San Andreas
Locations: El Corona
Little Mexico
Unity Station
Leader: Cesar Vialpando
Type: Street gang
Enemies: San Fierro Rifa
Los Santos Vagos
Affiliations: Grove Street Families, Carl Johnson, Kendl Johnson, Wu Zi Mu
Colors: Turquoise
Vehicles: Broadway, Hermes & Glendale
Weapons: 9mm, Micro-SMG
Businesses: Street racing, Gun-running, Protection, Lowriding
Fronts: Cesar's Home in El Corona, Unity Station
Members: Jose, Gal, Hazer & Sunny

Significantly less prominent than the Vagos, the Varrios Los Aztecas are a Mexican gang and are led by Cesar Vialpando. They have a friendship with the Grove Street Families due to Cesar dating and intending to marry Kendl Johnson, his close friendship with Carl Johnson, and due to the gangs having common enemies, but this is far from solid. Indeed, Varrios will still challenge Carl Johnson if they see him on the streets, calling out insults against the Grove Street Families gang and attacking with fists or weapons. They will attack other GSF members on sight, and vice versa. The Varrios are rivals with the Vagos and the San Fierro Rifa, and are also believed to be on bad terms with the Ballas.

The Varrios are traditionally anti-narcotics, with heavy involvement in gun running and street violence, and they only have a few territories compared to other gangs, and these are clustered around the south-western areas of Eastern Los Santos. Varrios Los Aztecas members are mostly seen wearing turquoise bandanas and sunglasses, dressed in 'cholo' style clothing. Sunny, Gal and Hazer are other gang veterans who help Cesar and Carl recover some of their lost territory near the end of the game. The Varrios are also traditionally into lowriding and have betting competitions which are called the Lowrider Challenge which can be found at Unity Station after talking to a man with a bandana and tan working outfit on the outside wall of the station's parking lot.