Verdant Meadows

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Basic Info

Verdant Meadows is one of your Safehouses in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is an abandoned Airstrip where, with the Core Storyline, you: Pass Flight School, and do 5 Missions. It can also be used like one of the airports, except, I wouldn't suggest it with a plane like the AT-400 or Andromada. If you use planes there, don't fly too far south, because the deadly Area 69 is about a Mile south of Verdant Meadows.


Verdant Meadows, before some period of time (and definitely before 1992), was, probably, as assumed by probably all players of the Grand Theft Auto Games, a full-blown airstrip, where planes came and went. However, it was eventually shut down, until 1992, when CJ buys it and uses it. After the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it is unknown what happens to Verdant Meadows. It is assumed that it either, once again, became abandoned by CJ, and maybe/maybe not, purchased by someone else, or maybe CJ decided to keep it.