Vespucci Beach

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Looking north across Vespucci Beach, with Del Perro Beach in the background, from a roof top on Goma St.

Vespucci Beach is a beach in Vespucci, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The Marabunta Grande control the area but the Los Santos Vagos also appear during the mission Repossession but can not be found before or after the mission.


Vespucci Beach is a beach populated by many local residents and tourists during the day where the player can find people relaxing on the beach or walking along the boardwalk looking at the many beach front shops. Lifeguards can also be seen at their stations watching over any visitors swimming in the Pacific Ocean despite the fact that no swimmers can be found . Over the night the visitors leave the beach with only workers, cleaning up from the visitors, and hipsters present gathering around fires. The Marabunta Grande control the area although the Los Santos Vagos are shown to have a presence in Vespucci Beach during the mission Repossession. The Vagos, however, cannot be found there outside of Repossession.

Events of HD Universe

Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, working for Simeon Yetarian, repossess a green Bagger from Esteban Jimenez killing a number of Vagos gang members while doing so. Michael and Jimmy De Santa also begin a bike race on Vespucci Beach.



An official pre-release screenshot showing beach front shops.



  • Blazer (second most southern lifeguard station
  • Cruiser (at Mr. Spoke Bike Rental)
  • Lifeguard (at the lifeguard control tower)
  • Seashark (southern most lifeguard station)