Vespucci Helipad

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The Vespucci Helipad is a property in GTA V that can be bought by Michael or Franklin.


The helipad is located in Vespucci, just across the Marina.

The helipad appears to be a company helipad for Higgins Helitours, as signage advertising the helitours can be seen on the road to the helipad. Additionally, a building with the company name and logo can be found in the northwest section of the helipad. However, helitours are unavailable in this game, and the building cannot be interacted with.

Michael and Franklin can buy helipads. Both characters can save helicopters in their respective helipads (Michael's helipad to the southeast of the lot, and Franklin's just adjacent to it), much like Sandy Shores Helipad.


  • Frogger - can be found landing on random helipads (except player-bought helipads), piloted by men in grey jumpsuits. The pilot will take off if the player gets too near if he is still in the helicopter. The Froggers piloted and landed are always black.
  • Player's choice.