Vice Voice

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A Vice Voice Mule, with stacks of newspapers visible in the back.

Vice Voice is Vice City's official newspaper. Its slogan is "The Paper with More Column Inches", yet another sex joke from Rockstar, as the slogan is a reference to man's penis (column) with more 'inches' (i.e. a longer penis). Mules full of stacks of Vice Voice newspapers and sporting the Vice Voice company logo can be found driving around Vice City, mostly in Vice Point and Viceport. The Vice Voice Mules are dark blue in colour although grey Vice Voice Mules and even red Vice Voice Mules can be seen driving around Vice City,mostly in Viceport and Vice Point. When the back door of a Vice Voice Mule has been broken off, stacks of Vice Voice newspapers can be found inside. It is unclear whether Vice Voice publishes newspapers with the "Zombie Elvis Found!" headline that can be seen scattered on the streets of Vice City although judging by the faded out newspaper title, it was published by the Liberty Cock and not the Vice Voice.