Viceport Military Garage

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The Viceport Military Garage in GTA Vice City.

The Viceport Military Garage is, as the name states, a garage in Vice City. It appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The garage is used by the Military to store military vehicles. It is located a short walk away from the Vice City Port Authority office, Phil's Depot and the Boatyard. It has a minor role in the mission Sir, Yes Sir!.

Role in Missions

In the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Sir, Yes Sir!, the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, under orders from Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, is tasked with stealing a Rhino tank from a military parade and to deliver it to a garage so that he can sell it to a buyer. If the military convoy successfully enters the garage safely, the player will fail the mission. During the mission, there are soldiers inside the garage that will shoot at the player if he tries to enter the garage or if they see him inside the garage. The interior of the garage consists only of a shipping container and a few wooden crates on a set of shelves. Without the use of hacks or trainers, the garage is only accessible during that mission. Outside of the mission, the garage is non-interactive and serves no other purpose.