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A Vigero from GTA IV
File:Vigero beater1.JPG
Beater version of Vigero
File:Vigero beater2.JPG
The rear of the beater Vigero.

The Vigero is a muscle car in Grand Theft Auto IV. It resembles a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (particularly the taillights) with some elements of a 1970 or 1971 Plymouth Barracuda (mainly on the end), the headlights might also be from a 1967 or '68 Pontiac Firebird. There is a "beater" form, which is often missing a front side panel, backfires and suffers performance and handling wise. The vehicle is manufactured by Declasse (GTA's version of Chevy) and the car bares a 'Super Sport' logo on the side, which is further evidence the car is based on a Camaro. The Vigero appears to have two engine choices, with some cars having one exhaust pipe and others having two, possibly being a V6 and V8 respectively. Overall, the Vigero performs well, with good speed and braking. Like other muscle cars in the game, the Vigero suffers from poor traction and is unstable in wet conditions.