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|- id="P"
|- id="P"
|[[Lianna Pai]]
|[[Lianna Pai]]
|[[Asuka Kasen]]
|style="background: #ddddff"|M
|style="background: #ddddff"|M
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|[[Pete Pavio]]
|[[Pete Pavio]]
|[[Joe DiLeo]]
|[[Joseph DiLeo]]
|style="background: #ddddff"|M
|style="background: #ddddff"|M
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|rowspan="2"|[[Chris Phillips]]
|rowspan="2"|[[Chris Phillips]]
|[[El Burro]]
|[[El Burro (GTA III)|El Burro]]
|style="background: #ddddff"|M
|style="background: #ddddff"|M
|[[rowspan="2"|GTA III
|[[rowspan="2"|GTA III

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This list contains all known actors who have voiced specific characters featured in Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTA VC), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SA), Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (GTA LCS), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (GTA VCS) and Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). It does not include generic characters such as pedestrians, gangsters, radio callers, imaging voices or commercial voices.

Neither the original Grand Theft Auto nor Grand Theft Auto 2 featured any voice actors credited to specific roles. The first game in the series to do so was GTA III which, despite a limited budget and the GTA series' low profile at the time, featured several notable actors from film and television. These included Frank Vincent, Michael Madsen and Kyle MacLachlan, who all had prominent roles. At the time it was rare for a video game to use such high-profile actors, and GTA III is considered a pioneer in doing so. The next game, GTA Vice City, featured more movie actors, including Ray Liotta as the player character. Although the following title, GTA San Andreas, also featured many notable movie actors—such as Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Fonda and James Woods—it had been decided that the use of such actors should be reduced, particularly for leading roles. As a result, many of the prominent roles in GTA San Andreas were voiced by lower profile actors or rappers.

I remember playing Vice City and thinking [Ray Liotta's] performance was fantastic, but something in the months afterwards when I was playing it was conflicting in my brain: was I playing Tommy Vercetti or was I playing Ray Liotta?...it really sort of caught me off guard, and it kept happening to me. To some extent it left me a bit confused, and it certainly made us resolve for future iterations to dial down the use of famous actors. So if you look at San Andreas, there weren’t as many in that game.

Sam Houser, president of Rockstar Games

From GTA Liberty City Stories through to GTA IV the series has continued using lesser known actors to voice main characters, but still uses celebrities and real-life radio personalities to voice the DJs of the many radio stations featured in each game. Some games also feature celebrities portraying themselves, such as Lazlow Jones, Phil Collins, Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams.

Voice actors

Template:Legend3 Character listed in main cast
Template:Legend3 Character listed in radio station or television credits
Template:Legend3 Character listed in main cast and radio station or television credits
Template:Legend3 Uncredited

Ricky Gervais portrays himself in GTA IV, performing a stand-up routine at the game's comedy club
Actor Character Game
Timothy Adams Brucie Kibbutz M GTA IV
Peter Adler Yuppie M GTA IV
Hajaz Akram Panjit Gavaskar R GTA LCS
Ashley Albert Melissa Chowder R GTA LCS
Timothy J. Alex Bernie Crane M GTA IV
Brooke Alexander TV Reporter M GTA LCS
Julie Alexandria Announcer ("I'm Rich")] R GTA IV
Rachel Allen Shelia Stafford R GTA IV
Paul Ames Peyton Phillips R GTA SA
Jonathan Anderson Jeffery "O.G. Loc" Cross
Billed as "OG Loc" in GTA SA manual radio credits.
Andre Andre the Accelerator R GTA III
Sharon Angela Angie Pegorino M GTA IV
Peter Appel Derrick Thackery R GTA SA
Ray Machowski M GTA LCS
Pascale Armand Natalee Walsh Davis R GTA LCS
Ms Allan R GTA IV
Fred Armisen Pervert R GTA IV
Hotdog vendor R
Internet nerd R
Stretch Armstrong himself R GTA III
Madison Arnold Jon Gravelli M GTA IV
Zan Aron Teri R GTA VCS
Linda Ashe Janet Vance M GTA VCS
Vanessa Aspilaga Michelle Cannes M GTA SA
Roy Ayers himself R GTA IV
Dave Bachman Luther Austin R GTA IV
Vitali Baganov Ray Bulgarin M GTA IV
Joan Baker Alison Maybury R GTA IV
Fairuza Balk Mercedes Cortez M GTA VC
Joe Barbara Ray Boccino M GTA IV
John Beach Weathercaster R GTA IV
Doris Belack Mrs. McReary M GTA IV
Chris Bellard aka Young Maylay Carl Johnson M GTA SA
Rebecca Benhayon Gracie Ancelotti M GTA IV
Anouchka Benson Trish Camden R GTA VCS
Jeff Berlin Trailer V.O. R GTA SA
Robert Blumenfeld Sergio Boccino R GTA LCS
Big Boy Big Bear M GTA SA
Mary Birdsong Michaela Carapadis R [[rowspan="2"|GTA VC
Jenny Louise Crab R
Michael Bivins Philip "PM" Michaels R GTA SA
Frank Bonsangue Phil Bell M GTA IV
Jeff Bottoms Jim Harrison R GTA IV
Troy Burger R
Michael Bower Eugene Reaper M GTA IV
Peter Bradbury Ned Burner M GTA LCS
John Braden Mayor O'Donovan M GTA LCS
Carl Bradshaw himself R GTA IV
John Brady City Official in Bar M GTA IV
Riette Burdick Mary-Beth Maybell R GTA SA
Jim Burke Marty Williams M GTA VCS
Danny Burstein Darius Fontaine R GTA SA
Gary Busey Phil Cassidy M GTA VC
Laura Bykowski Jenna Forbes R GTA SA
Tony Call Gordon Peterson R GTA IV
Luke Campbell himself R GTA VCS
Jamie Canfield Adam First R GTA VC
Jay Capozello Jeff the Cop M GTA IV
Maria Chambers Toni R GTA III
Richard Chang Su Xi Mu M GTA SA
Harry Chase Jeff the Cuckold M GTA IV
Frank Chavez Fernando Martinez R GTA VC
Tony Chilrodes Pepe R GTA VC
China Chow Katie Zhan M GTA SA
Robert Cihra Mike the Goon M [[rowspan="2"|GTA VC
Porn Guy M
Jerry Clicquot Clarence Little M GTA IV
George Clinton The Funktipus R GTA SA
DJ Clue himself R GTA LCS
Codebreaker himself]] R GTA III
Jen Cohn Trixie Lane R GTA VCS
Mademoiselle R
Molly Maimstein R
Clifton Collins, Jr. Cesar Vialpando M GTA SA
Phil Collins himself M GTA VCS
Berto Colon Manny Escuela M GTA IV
David Conley Gordon Sargent M GTA IV
Omar Conosa Cuban 2 M GTA VCS
Jarlath Conroy Aiden O'Malley M GTA IV
Jim Conroy Butch R GTA IV
Alien R
Colleen Corbett Mandy R GTA VC
Gerry Cosgrove Morgan Merryweather R GTA III
Couzin Ed himself R GTA VCS
David Cross Zero M GTA SA
Tony Cucci Maître d' M GTA IV
Anthony Cumia Announcer ("The Time Ranger") R GTA VCS
Chuck D Forth Right MC R GTA SA
Daddy Yankee himself R GTA IV
Robert Davi Juan Cortez M GTA VC
Jeff David Weazel Network voice R GTA IV
David Deblinger Martin Graves R GTA VCS
Reyna de Courcy Marnie Allen M GTA IV
George DiCenzo Old Man Kelly M GTA VC
Andy Dick Maurice R GTA SA
Disco Lamon R GTA IV
Mario D'Leone Luis Fernando Lopez M GTA IV
Mary Catherine Donnelly Kate McReary M GTA IV
Carl Dowling Mr. Zoo R GTA VC
Lowell "Sly" Dunbar Marshall Peters R GTA SA
Danny Dyer Kent Paul M GTA VC
Julius Dyson Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit R GTA VC
MC Eiht Ryder M GTA SA
Al Espinosa Miguel M GTA III
Charles Everett Mr. Davis R GTA IV
Jim Fagan Announcer ("Just or Unjust") R GTA IV
Ducchio Faggella Massimo Torini M GTA LCS
Cynthia Farrell Catalina M GTA III
Frank Fava Thor R GTA VC
George Feaster Derrick McReary M GTA IV
James Ferrante Young Richard R GTA VCS
Bill Fichtner Ken Rosenberg M GTA VC
Marc Fine Mickey the Bartender M GTA IV
Bill Fiore Darkel
Removed from game.
Nicholas Flair Catch R GTA IV
Larry Fleishman Mel M GTA IV
Jim Florentine Bobby Ray R GTA VCS
Lloyd Floyd DJ Hans Oberlander R GTA SA
Larry Joe R GTA VCS
Gordon Moorehead R
Pablo R
Pat Floyd Tina Jane U GTA VCS
Peter Fonda The Truth M GTA SA
Russell Foreman Percy M GTA VC
Alison Fraser Gertrude Leneau R GTA IV
Bobby Funaro Anthony Corrado M GTA IV
Julio G himself R GTA SA
Fiona Gallagher Maria Latore M GTA LCS
The Game B Dup M GTA SA
Chris Gannon Brandon Roberts R GTA IV
LJ Gansen John F. Hickory R GTA VC
Ja'Tovia Gary Cherise Glover M GTA IV
Jane Gennaro Maude Hanson M GTA VC
Ricky Gervais himself R GTA IV
Marlon Geshlider Christopher Tibbits R GTA IV
Jimmy Gestapo himself R GTA IV
Traci Godfrey Ashley Butler M GTA IV
Lev Gorn Ivan Bytchkov M GTA IV
Danielle Lee Greaves Barbara Schternvart M GTA SA
David Green Pastor Richards R GTA VC
DJ Green Lantern himself R GTA IV
Kate Greer Mom R GTA VCS
Kelly Guest Michelle Montanius R GTA VC
Matt Gumley Zachary Tyler R GTA IV
Les Gunn Announcer ("I'm Rich") R GTA IV
Kim Gurney Misty M GTA III
Guru 8-Ball M GTA III
Luis Guzmán Ricardo Diaz M GTA VC
Bill Hader Wilson Taylor Sr. R GTA IV
Jonathan Hanst Hank M GTA VCS
Tom Goldberg M GTA IV
Vaughn Harper himself R GTA IV
Ricky Harris Johnny Parkinson R
Youree Cleomili Harris Auntie Poulet M GTA VC
Deborah Harry Taxi Controller M GTA VC
Roy Haynes himself R GTA IV
Rebecca Henderson Michelle/Karen M GTA IV
Angus Hepburn Announcer ("A History of Liberty") R GTA IV
Martin Herring Dave the Mate M GTA IV
Scott Hill Johnny Klebitz M GTA IV
Jackie Hoffman Mary Phillips R GTA SA
Michael Hollick Niko Bellic M GTA IV
Dennis Hopper Steve Scott M GTA VC
JR Horne Announcer ("Moorehead Rides Again") R GTA VCS
Walter Houser Busker R GTA IV
Kim Howard Kiki Jenkins M GTA IV
Elena Harvey Hurst Mallorie Bardas
Billed as "Mallorie Ramos" in Xbox 360 GTA IV manual.
Ice T Madd Dogg M GTA SA
Samuel L. Jackson Frank Tenpenny M GTA SA
Krystyna Jakubiak Anna Faustin M GTA IV
Joel James Giovanni Casa M GTA LCS
Milton James United Liberty Paper M GTA IV
Sondra James Ma Cipriani
Billed as "Momma" in GTA III manual.
Jenna Jameson Candy Suxxx M GTA VC
Will Janowitz Donald Love M GTA LCS
Michael Jaye Eric House R GTA IV
Eugene Jeter, Jr. Emmet M GTA SA
Christopher Jobin Mitch the cop M GTA IV
Greg Johnson Jorge M GTA IV
Gregory Johnson Diaz Assistant M GTA VCS
Javier M
Tony McTony R GTA IV
Ryan Johnston Patrick McReary M GTA IV
François K himself R GTA IV
Ilyana Kadushin Beatrix Fontaine R GTA IV
Robert Kelly Luca Silvestri M GTA IV
Navid Khonsari Dwaine
Billed as "Dwaine" in GTA SA manual.
Kid Frost T-Bone Mendez M GTA SA
Bobby Konders himself R GTA IV
Konstantinos.com Konstantinos Smith R GTA VC
Gregory Korostishevsky Bledar Morina M GTA IV
Garth Kravits Frankie M GTA VCS
Jacek Krawczyk Killer M GTA IV
Sean Krishnan Hossan Ramzy M GTA IV
Femi Kuti himself R GTA IV
Misha Kuznetsov Vladimir Glebov M GTA IV
Karl Lagerfeld himself R GTA IV
Oni Faida Lampley Callista Brown R GTA IV
Lazlow himself R GTA III
Juliette Lewis herself R GTA IV
Peter Linari Dardan Petrela M GTA IV
Ray Liotta Tommy Vercetti M GTA VC
Lynn Lipton Gethsemanee R GTA VC
Bill Lobely Ernest Keigel/Time Ranger R GTA VCS
The Commander R GTA IV
Alien R
Robert Loggia Ray Machowski M GTA III
Lord Sear himself R GTA III
Joe Lotruglio Vincenzo Cilli M GTA LCS
Faizon Love Sweet M GTA SA
Chris Lucas Alex Shrub
Billed as "Rep. Alex Shrub" in GTA VC manual radio station credits.
Sean Lynch Announcer ("Intelligent Agenda") R GTA IV
Thomas Lyons Francis McReary M GTA IV
Kyle MacLachlan Donald Love M GTA III
Michael Madsen Toni Cipriani M GTA III
Marcy Maguigan Ileyna Faustin M GTA IV
Lee Majors Mitch Baker M GTA VC
Moti Margolin Dimitri Rascalov M GTA IV
Gregg Martin Crow R GTA LCS
Peter Marx Billy Dexter R GTA SA
Danny Mastrogiorgio Toni Cipriani M GTA LCS
Les J.N. Mau Kenji Kasen M GTA III
John Mauceri Claude Maginot R GTA VC
Debi Mazar Maria Latore
Billed as "Maria" in GTA III manual.
Curtis McClarin Curtly
Removed from game.
Peter McKay Dick M GTA VC
Kevin McKidd Jezz Torrent
Billed as "Jez Torrent" in GTA VC manual radio station credits.
Ed McMann Cliff R GTA LCS
Michael Medeiros Darko Brevic M GTA IV
Fred Melamed Cris Formage R GTA SA
Shelley Miller Andee R GTA III
Dorian Missick Vic Vance M GTA VCS
DJ Mister Cee himself R GTA IV
Mr. Magic himself R GTA VC
Sean Modica Callum Crayshaw R GTA VC
Chuck Montgomery Nurse Bob R GTA LCS
Nick Montgomery Coked-up Reveller M GTA IV
John Montone Mike Whitely R GTA IV
Hannah Moon Toshiko Kasen M GTA LCS
Sara Moon Christy MacIntyre R GTA SA
Will Morton Stalker M GTA VC
Russ Mottla Michael Hunt R GTA III
Walter Mudu D-Ice M [[rowspan="2"|GTA III
King Courtney M
Chris Murney Kenny Crane R GTA VCS
Host ("New World Order") R
Charlie Murphy Jizzy B. M GTA SA
Shannon Murphy Weathercaster R GTA IV
Yuri Naumkin Perestroika MC R GTA IV
Jeff Norris Sergei M GTA IV
Jim Norton Joseph Kaplan M GTA IV
Chuck R
Daniel G. O'Brien Jay Hamilton M GTA IV
Pete O'Connor Michael Keane M GTA IV
Patrick Olsen Jonathan Freeloader R GTA VC
Patrice Oneal Jeffron James R GTA IV
Ron Orbach Leon McAffrey M GTA LCS
Dan Oreskes Bryan Forbes M GTA VCS
Orfeh Millie Perkins M GTA SA
Nicole Orth-Pallovincini Welfare Woman M GTA VCS
Lianna Pai Asuka Kasen M GTA III
Joe Pantoliano Luigi Goterelli M GTA III
Charlie Parker Elizabeta Torres M GTA IV
Tony Patellis Jimmy Pegorino M GTA IV
Pete Pavio Joseph DiLeo M GTA IV
Chris Penn Eddie Pulaski M GTA SA
Deroy Peraza Cuban 1 M GTA VCS
Chelsea Peretti Lori R GTA IV
Randy Perlstein Jack Howitzer R GTA SA
Blayne Perry Cougar M GTA VC
Bijou Phillips Helena Wankstein M GTA SA
Chris Phillips El Burro M [[rowspan="2"|GTA III
Marty Chonks M
Hunter Platin Chico M [[rowspan="3"|GTA III
Curly Bob M
Phil the One-Armed Bandit M
The Psycho M GTA VC
Ran Fa Li M GTA SA
Iggy Pop himself R GTA IV
Clifton Powell Big Smoke M GTA SA
Dennis Predovic Jim Fitzgerald M GTA IV
DJ Premier himself R GTA IV
Postell Pringle Playboy X M GTA IV
Richard Pruitt Kenny Petrovic M GTA IV
Jorge Pupo Gonzalez M GTA VC
Bill Andrew Quinn Bryan Wilkinson R GTA IV
Coolie Ranx Little Jacob M GTA IV
Michael Rapaport Joey Leone M GTA III
Gordana Rashovich Jane Hopper M GTA LCS
Bill Ratner Announcer ("The Men's Room with Bas and Jeremy") R GTA IV
Announcer ("Republican Space Rangers") R
Announcer ("Live from Split Sides") R
Shelagh Ratner Bryony Craddock R GTA VCS
Amy Razviwomg Thai Prostitute M GTA IV
Ron Reeve General R GTA SA
Justin Reinsilber Brian Meech M GTA IV
Burt Reynolds Avery Carrington M GTA VC
Kurt Rhoads The Incredible Kleinman R GTA IV
Devin Richards Dwayne Forge M GTA IV
Armando Riesco Pierre La Ponce M GTA VC
Jimmy Hernandez M GTA SA
Elan Luz Rivera Carmen Ortiz M GTA IV
Chelsey Rives Louise Cassidy-Williams M GTA VCS
Karel Roden Mikhail Faustin M GTA IV
Frank Rodriguez Hector Hernandez R GTA VCS
Philip Anthony Rodriguez
Credited as "Phillip Anthony Rodriguez" in GTA VC manual.
Maurice Chavez R GTA VC
Axl Rose Tommy Smith R GTA SA
Barbara Rosenblatt
Credited as "Barbara Rosenblat" in GTA VCS manual.
Reni Wassulmaier R GTA LCS
Modi Rosenfeld Isaac Roth M GTA IV
Ed Rubeo Mori Green M GTA IV
Bujan Rugova Albanian M GTA IV
Ruslana herself R GTA IV
Bas Rutten himself R GTA IV
Shaun Ryder Maccer M GTA SA
Amy Sacco Larissa Slalom R GTA IV
Brian Sack Mike Riley R GTA IV
Noelle Sadler Bettina M GTA SA
Renaud Sebbane Barry Stark R GTA VC
Seeborn Real Badman M GTA IV
Bob Sevra Marvin Trill R GTA SA
Robert Shakespeare Johnny Lawton R GTA SA
Mike Shapiro Richard Goblin R GTA LCS
Rick Shapiro Mason Waylon R GTA IV
David Shaw Pathos M GTA IV
Kerry Shaw Brucie Girl M GTA IV
Jodie Shawback Sage R GTA SA
Keenan Shimizu Kazuki Kasen M GTA LCS
Casey Siemaszko Johnny Sindacco M GTA SA
Maureen Silliman Jan Brown R GTA VC
Peter Silvestro Jeremy Robard R GTA VC
Heather Alicia Simms Denise Robinson M GTA SA
Joaquin Simo Cuban 3 M GTA VCS
Greg Sims Cam Jones M GTA VC
Gammy Singer Estell Graham R GTA IV
Tom Sizemore Sonny Forelli M GTA VC
Ptolemy Slocum Steve R GTA LCS
Christine Sockol Jenny Acorn R GTA IV
Felix Solis Jerry Martinez M GTA VCS
PJ Sosko Gerry McReary M GTA IV
Samantha Soule Alexandra Chilton M GTA IV
Timothy Spall Barry Mickelthwaite M GTA VCS
Jessica Spencer Financial reporter R GTA IV
Jeff Steitzer The Chief R GTA VCS
Fisherman R
Herman Stephens Horace Walsh R GTA III
Steve Stratton Lionel Makepeace R GTA VCS
Henry Strozier John Hunter R GTA IV
Jason Sudeikis Richard Bastion R GTA IV
Melody Sweets Miss Bluesy St. John R GTA IV
Tom Tammi Bobby Jefferson M GTA IV
Chris Tardio Mickey Hamfists M GTA LCS
Lawrence Taylor BJ Smith B GTA VC
Sandor Telcsy Andrei M GTA IV
Philip Michael Thomas
Credited as "Phillip Michael Thomas" in GTA VCS manual.
Lance Vance M GTA VC
Danny Trejo Umberto Robina M GTA VC
Cathy Trien Mary-Jo Cassidy M GTA VCS
Ruben Trujillo Diego Mendez M GTA VCS
Sam Tsoutsouvas James Pedeaston R GTA SA
Bryan Tucker Ryan McFallon R GTA IV
Charles Tucker Hilary King M GTA VC
Michael Urichek Bill R GTA LCS
Al Vanik CNT Network voice R GTA IV
Oliver Vaquer Boy Sanchez R GTA LCS
Yul Vazquez Armando Mendez M GTA VCS
Victor Verhaeghe Eddie Low M GTA IV
Frank Vincent Salvatore Leone M GTA III
Melinda Wade Forbes Waverly III R GTA VCS
Jayne Labrador R GTA IV
Thomas Waites Priest M GTA IV
John Walker Mechanic/Henchman M GTA IV
Sharon Washington Lianne Forget R GTA SA
Radio Newscaster M GTA LCS
Rob Webb Malcolm Fitzherbert R GTA IV
Leyna Weber Amy Sheckenhausen R GTA VC
Fez Whatley Marcel LeMeau R GTA IV
Wil Wheaton Richard Burns R GTA SA
Alien R GTA IV
Katt Williams himself R GTA IV
Matt Williams Dusty Cowpoke R GTA IV
Greg Wilson Joseph Daniel O'Toole M GTA LCS
James Woods Mike Toreno M GTA SA
Michael Leon Wooley Judge R GTA IV
James Yaegashi Wu Zi Mu M GTA SA
Charlie M GTA IV
Deborah Yates Sara M GTA IV
Yo-Yo Kendl Johnson M GTA SA
Gary Yudman Jimmy Silverman M GTA SA
Jason Zumwalt Roman Bellic M GTA IV
John Zurhellen Jethro M GTA VC
Jeremy St. Ives R GTA IV

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