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Voodoo on Vice City Beach
The Voodoo in Ganton

The Voodoo is the original lowrider of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City era of games. It has been used by the Haitians on Vice City, and on San Andreas it can be seen with the Grove Street Families it is especially favored for its low ground clearance, hydraulics, etc.


It has a high top speed, with smooth handling for a car of its size and will generally not flip unless the hydraulics are operated. In GTA IV, the Voodoo can take a lot of damage due to its weight and bulk, but it is one of the slowest-accelerating cars in the game.


In Vice City and San Andreas, with its distinctive sideways tail fins, the Voodoo strongly resembles a 1960 Chevy Impala (or possibly a Biscayne since it lacks chrome).

On Vice City the car was only available in red color, (with a black version seen only in the mission "Two Bit Hit" ) and had hydraulics instead of a horn.

In San Andreas; it is seen in many diffrent colors, and the player can upgrade hydraulics, rims, exhaust, nitro, but the bodykits cannot be modified, much like the Tahoma. And it doesn't appear to have a visible fuel cap, but will explode if the back license plate gets shot.

In GTA IV, the Voodoo has the Chevy Impala's trademark 6 tail lights, still has the end of a 1960 Impala but strays away from the original design since it has the front of an altered '64 Impala (shaped like a 1965 Rambler Classic or 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner). It also has a chrome strip running down the trunk as seen in 1959 Impalas. It does not feature hydraulics anymore.