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The Vortex is a single-seater drivable hovercraft in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is able to move on land and water and glide short distances. Steering is difficult because it has a fan with a rudder rather than wheels or a rudder in the water. If it is abandoned in the water it will sink. If it sustains too much damage or is shot too many times, despite its small size, it will explode quite violently, similar to an aircraft explosion. It is possible to fly the Vortex for a short period of time, after driving off of a high place while using the 'better driving skills' cheat. It is also used for two tests in Boat School, which can be accessed in Bayside Marina.

The Vortex can be spawned with a cheat.


According to the game's files, the Vortex is considered an aircraft, rather than a boat or a car. In this vein, the player would get attacked by SAM missiles for driving it near Area 69, and Hydras will attempt to shoot the player down at a four-star wanted level.


The Vortex will only spawn after the mission Cut Throat Business.