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Walk Free
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Trophy grade: Bronze
Gamerscore: 50 Gamerscore
Requirement: You successfully lost a 4 star wanted rating

Walk Free is a trophy/achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is not story related, so it can be missed while playing the game.


You acquire this trophy when you've managed to escape the police while having a four star wanted rating. You will probably get this achievement while playing the game, since you are likely to attract some police attention. An easy way to acquire this achievement (through using a cheat) is to get in a taxicab (preferably Roman's - it's free), have him bring you to a remote area, such as the southwest corner of the Acter Industrial Park. Then once you are moving, use the cheat to raise your wanted level (267-555-0150) until you hit level 4 (this one does not disable any achievement), then skip to the end. The police will still be looking where you were before the skip, therefore putting you well out of the search area. If you wish not to use the cheat, you could also have the taxi driver take you behind Francis International Airport, then once you get the wanted level change your destination to the aforementioned remote area, and skip.

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