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The following is the script from the mission "Was It Worth It?" in The Lost and Damned.


Ray Boccino: Well, look who it is.

Johnny Klebitz: Hey.

Ray Boccino: How you doin' tough guy?

Johnny Klebitz: What's your problem?

Ray Boccino: I told you not to get too fucking clever.

Johnny Klebitz: What? (Ray points gun at Johnny) Aww... you gotta be kidding.

Ray Boccino: Start walking... downstairs...

Johnny Klebitz: Okay, I'm going.

Ray Boccino: That's right.

Ray Boccino: Gentlemen.

Johnny Klebitz: What the fuck is going on here?

Jim Fitzgerald: Fucking hell! Stop that shit, asshole.

Ray Boccino: Anything yet?

Ray's Goon: Nah.

Ray Boccino: Burn him again. (Ray's goon burns Jim with blowtorch) Where's my fucking stuff? You see genius over here would rather get crème-brûléed before he dies. Hopefully you ain't so stupid. Where's my stuff?

Johnny Klebitz: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ray Boccino: Fuck you. (hits Johnny with gun) What are you fucking deaf? Where's my fucking stuff?

Johnny Klebitz: I don't know.

Ray Boccino: Who do you think you're bullshitting?

Johnny Klebitz: A bull shitter.

Ray Boccino: That's funny. (hits Johnny again)

Johnny Klebitz: You're going to have to cut that shit out Ray. It's not fucking cool.

Ray Boccino: I fucked Ashley, my friend, and now I'm going to fuck you. Where's my fucking stuff?

Johnny Klebitz: Fuck off, Ray!

Ray Boccino: Go ahead.

Jim Fitzgerald (breaks free): Drop the fucking gun, goon.

Ray Boccino: No.

Jim Fitzgerald: I'll cut him.

Ray Boccino: No. (Johnny disarms Ray)

Jim Fitzgerald: Back the fuck up, back up.

Ray Boccino: Go ahead, go ahead! Go ahead, run like a couple of girls. Billy was right about both of yous. Back-stabbing fools. Go ahead I got guys on every corner. Where are you gonna go? (Jim slits goon's throat) I'll see you later.

Johnny Klebitz: I gotta go talk to Ashley.

Jim Fitzgerald: I'm gonna go get the fucking brothers.